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Write from History Giveaway and McGuffey Copywork FREEBIE {Weekly Homeschool Giveaways}

Write From History

Please note: I cannot get the freebie form to work on my blog. Feel free to pop over to Homechool Survival and enter your email to access the McGuffey Copywork. You can still enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

This weeks sponsor: Brookdale House- Write from History series

In the Charlotte Mason style – children will learn to write by studying some of the “greats” – collections from famous and talented authors of the past. Who best to learn from – than the Masters themselves?

In this way – you are teaching an elementary student to write, and you’re also teaching history and handwriting – you can definitely save time with this homeschool writing curriculum and method of teaching.

It is an elementary program – intended to prepare children for middle school writing.

This writing program teaches grammar, spelling, penmanship, and history—all at once.


See more about the curriculum and get the details here.

FREE McGuffey’s Primer Copy Book

McGuffey's Primer Copy Book

All of you will get a free McGuffey’s Primer Copybook from Brookdale House. *Note: The form is not working on my blog. Please enter your email over at Homeschool Survival to receive your freebie. Sorry for the inconvenience! You can still enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

Win a complete email set of the Write from History series–$160 value.

Covers of Write from History
A bit more about the Write from History series:
Based on the Charlotte Mason style of learning, students will study writings by famous and talented authors from history. They will then complete age appropriate assignments using oral dictation, writing summaries or additional writing.
In this manner – your history, spelling, reading, grammar and handwriting is combined – saving you time and money on curriculum and with terrific results!
From Brookdale House:

All Level 1 books contain historically relevant reading selections divided into four chapters: short stories, time period tales, poetry, and cultural tales. There are two writing models following each reading selection. One or both can be used for copywork. If the student is ready, the second model can be used for dictation.

In the Level 1 books, the two different writing models are presented differently for each reading selection. For the first model, children write in an area that has ruled lines below each word they copy. The second writing model is written at the top of the net page, and is followed by ruled lines in the lower half of the page. The second model requires students to write from memory.

All Level 2 books contain historically relevant reading selections divided into four chapters: short historical narratives, excerpt from primary source documents, poetry and cultural tales. In the Level 2 books, students in grades 3 to 5 are introduced in a gentle manner to interesting excerpts from primary source documents. These older students are encouraged to copy paragraph sized models written in either print or cursive. In the appendix are additional models which may be used for studied dictation.

On Sale Now

Those wishing to take advantage of the Back to School Sale – can purchase any of the products for 20% off HERE (with code)

backtoschool coupon!


Have you tried using the Charlotte Mason Method for writing?

Which of these periods in history interests you most?


Giveaway: $160 – Write From History Series

Enter with one link or enter with them all!

By entering this giveaway, you will automatically be added to the author’s email list. By confirming your subscription, you will receive a second FREE ebook – An Elementary Writing Plan: Guiding Your Students from Copying Letters to Writing Essays! If you don’t want to receive the FREE book and email updates, simply ignore the confirmation email.


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Fun Surprises for the First Day of School

This post contains affiliate links.

First Day of School Fun

I always plan a couple of fun surprise items for our first day of school. It adds a bit of excitement, even for the older kids. This list contains some of the things we’ve enjoyed over the years. Many of them can be found at Walmart or your local teacher supply store.

On a strict budget? Check out Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot for back to school treats, or wait a few weeks until the school supplies go on clearance. A side note – school supply clearance sales are a great time to snag some inexpensive stocking stuffers. You might also try thrift stores – a couple of weeks ago I found a package of Mr. Sketch markers for only $1.00, so now we have doubles!

sculpey eraser clay

Sculpey Eraser Clay - We are trying this out on Monday so I don’t have an opinion of it yet. Our package is bigger than the one I linked to, and I got it at Hobby Lobby (I think).

crayola window crayons

Crayola Window Crayons - The vivid colors in these crayons are great for holiday decorating.  

crayola window markers

Crayola Window Markers These have a much softer look than the crayons. I use them to write scripture on the bathroom mirrors.

crayola crystal effects markers

Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers - So cool! They look like colored frost on the window.

band in a box

Band in a Box - A favorite of every kid, we’ve almost worn it out!

mr sketch

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers - Did you use these as a kid? They still smell the same. Yummy!

hand bells

Rythym Band Hand Bells - These were on my wish list for a very long time. They have a beautiful sound and are very easy to learn. Great for Christmas carols!

smelly stickers

Scratch n Sniff Stickers - Fun to stick on schoolwork for a job well done.

dover bookmarks

Dover Bookmarks - These are under $2 and come in several styles. We all pick a few to use during our daily quiet time readings.

greatest dot to dot

The Greatest Dot to Dot Book in the World – These are a bit challenging.

How do YOU add some fun to the first day of school?


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Homeschool for Free: Literature Guides

This post contains affiliate links.


I should probably be embarrassed about how giddy I feel looking through this long list of free literature guides, but I’m not. :) Most of them fall into three categories: Lit Guides, Book Units, or Study Guides.

I know from experience that it takes a long time to sift through these to find what you need. If you are short on time, I HIGHLY recommend the 7 Sisters Homeschool Literature Study GuidesThey are super-affordable and contain no busywork. You can try out Anne of Green Gables for FREE.

Classical House of Learning

Glencoe Literature Library

Nancy Polette’s Literature Guides

Novel Study Guides

Reading Units

Millstone  Education World Literature Units  (K-3rd)

Millstone  Education World Literature Units  (4th-7th)

Millstone  Education World Literature Units  (8th-12th)

Literature Based Reading Lessons

CanTeach Novel & Picture Book Activities

HarperCollins Book Activities

Children’s Literature Lesson Plans

Young Adult Literature Lesson Plans

Random House Teacher Guides

Children’s Literature

ClassZone Novel Guides

ClassicNotes Literature Guides

Cummings Study Guides

Reading Guides & Activities

First Stage Enrichment Guides

TeacherVision Literature Guides

Shakespeare for Kids

Shakespeare Online

Read Kiddo Read

Penguin Teacher’s Guides

Outta Rays Head Literature Lessons

7th Grade Literature Lessons

Book Units Teacher

Literature Learning Ladders

English Literature and Composition

American Literature and Composition

Literature Guides for Books

Scholastic Discussion Guides

Core Classics Teacher Guides

Discovery Education Literature Lessons

~Study Guides~

Cliffs Notes

Pink Monkey Book Notes

Book Rags




Book Wolf

The Best Notes


Bibliomania Study Guides

Shmoop Literature Guides

See all of my Homeschool for FREE! posts

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Skrafty Homeschool Minecraft Classes Review & Giveaway

I received free classes in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

SKrafty Reviews and Giveaways


It’s back to school time, and for homeschool families – that means gathering curriculum, planning and finding new ways to inspire kids in their studies. SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft is the perfect way to add the fun and inspiration you need.

This fall, the class line up is spectacular! If you need homeschool math, science, bible, history, language arts or more . . . you are in for a treat. Using some of your favorite homeschool curriculum companies (including Apologia Science, Mystery of History, and A+ Interactive Math) you’ll learn to incorporate Minecraft projects into your family homeschool.

SKrafty Classes

See all the new classes SKrafty has to offer HERE

Find out more about the fully monitored SKrafty Minecraft server where it is safe for your family and children - and get whitelisted for FREE right HERE.

SKrafty is specially designed and the rules are constructed to encourage good sportsmanship – with no griefing allowed, no bad language or ugly talk, and no sharing of outside links to protect your children. See a full list of rules HERE.

What other parents are saying about SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft:

“Since starting Skrafty my son has blossomed. His typing has gotten a lot better. School work is not a chore any more I just give him the list of what needs to be done and he does it. He finds the lessons entertaining and engaging and he loves the activities that go along with them. We are all very grateful for Skrafty.” ~ Cheryl J.

“My son enjoys playing on Skrafty with other kids and I love that it is a safe, moderated Minecraft server! While playing on Skrafty he has learned creative building, developed critical thinking skills, made friends, and learned to be a team player. The classes have been fun and the reading program has encouraged him to read more than ever. Skrafty has been such a blessing to our family!” ~Julie B.

Special needs learning:

“Skrafty has been a huge blessing to our family! My son with dyslexia is not only learning but enjoying learning!!!! His reading and writing have developed more with Skrafty than any other program we have used. The classes are engaging because they are so hands on and truly turn learning into an adventure. I so highly recommend Skrafty!” ~ Caroline D.

 What we learned:

My 11 yr. old son is a Minecraft fanatic. He watches the how-to videos, reads the ebooks, and plays online with friends whenever he gets a chance. We strictly limit play time during the school year, so you can imagine how excited he was when he discovered that he could take a Skrafty class and it could be added to his homeschool portfolio. We chose the Anatomy for Kids class to complement our Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology course. Each week has a lesson, videos, and an assigned structure be built in Minecraft. It is a self-paced class, so the work could be done whenever it was convenient for us. I printed out the diagram for my son to use as a guide. 

This is his labeled skeleton:

minecraft skeleton

The Skrafty Minecraft Server is such a blessing for our family! All players are whitelisted before being allowed on the server. What that means is that the admins check to see if a person as ever been banned on another server before allowing him to join. The chat feature screens out coarse language. There are so many inappropriate sites out there, and I love not having to monitor my kids’ game time. There is also a helpful Facebook group for the server.


Extremely affordable classes (between $6.99 – $32.00) make it easy to add creativity and excitement into your education at home. Sign up HERE for live classes or self-paced classes and begin your journey into the world of homeschool Minecraft with SKrafty.

Giveaway Companies – Multiple Winners!

SKrafty Giveaways


Check out all the wonderful companies and prizes you can win for your family homeschool:

3 SKrafty Fall Classes - Value up to $32 each

Mystery of History Volume 1,2, or 3 & Super Supplemental – Value $150

A+ Interactive Math - Family Package for 3 Students – Value $450

Adventures In ChildRearing - Wildlife Adventures bundle- Value $27.99

We Choose Virtues - Homeschool Kit – Value $98.99

Sidetracked Sarah - Crockpot Freezer Meals 3 pack – Value $8.97

Moore Family Films - ABC Say it With Me – Value $15.99

Not Consumed - Back to School 4 Pack – Value $12.50

Teach Them Diligently – Family Pass to 1 Convention – Value $65

Homeschool Adventure Co. – Philippians in 28 Weeks – Value $18.95

Media Angels - Homeschool Moms Rescue Set – Value $9.99

A Journey Through Learning - Math Lapbook - Value$15.00

Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace Jr. – Value $24.95


Enter with 1 entry or enter with them all:


Do you have a Minecraft fan? Sign up for a Fall Skrafty class today!



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