Large Family Easter Baskets

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A Large Family Easter Basket

Our Easter celebrations have very little to do with the Easter Bunny these days, but my kids still enjoy getting a basket filled with goodies. I realized several years ago, when we only had 4 littles, that I could not keep up with the expense & sheer quantity of little junky trinkets that went along with filling traditional baskets.

I decided to switch to one family basket instead. I think our first one was in a wicker laundry basket. (And yes, I had to dump the laundry out to use it!) The beauty of this is that I can fill the basket with larger items for the entire group. I usually try to stick with things that can be played with outside. Last year, I bought a big colorful tub for our Easter basket that we then used on the patio to store the outdoor toys.

Outside Play Ideas:

Some years we go with nature-themed items like a backyard bug vacuum. And we still talk about the year we got a live butterfly garden. Check Dollar Tree (or probably any dollar store) for bug houses, butterfly nets, magnifiers, and more.

Large Family Easter Basket

All these toys were from the Target toy clearance sale!

More Dollar Store Ideas for the Family:

  • jacks
  • play dough
  • glow sticks
  • silly putty
  • hula hoops
  • pool toys
  • gardening tools
  • stickers
  • puzzles
  • coloring books

Each child also gets a chocolate cross or bunny, then I add a few other candies like Peeps and their favorite jelly beans. In addition, I try to pick up a couple of things in the after-Christmas clearance sales. Stocking stuffers work great for Easter baskets if you take them out of the packaging.

On years when we have some extra $$, I throw in a movie or game. A dig through the $5 bin at Walmart can turn up some classics.

A Few of Our Favorite Movies:

Games We Love:

I can put together a large basket for under $25 and my kiddos love it. That is less than $5 per child, which wouldn’t go very far in an individual basket.

My favorite thing about changing to one basket is that it emphasizes something very important to our family –> that we share with each other and enjoy life together!

Do you have an Easter basket for each child, or one for the whole family?

What do you typically put in yours?


Click Here for More Large Family Easter Basket Filler Ideas


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FREE Gardening eBooks for Kindle

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It’s time for our weekly seasonal ebook roundup.  Let’s get that garden growing! These ebooks were free at the time of posting but that could change at any moment. As always, check before you click!!

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Homesteading for Beginners


Mini Farming


Indoor Gardening


Aquaponics for Beginners


Growing Organic Berries


Growing Fruit Trees


Square Foot Gardening


Organic Gardening


Gardening 101: Friendship Gardens

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My affiliate links were used in this post. There is no cost to you to download the free ebooks. I appreciate any shopping you might do while visiting Amazon! I have not read most of these ebooks and am not endorsing the contents. Please use your own judgement when choosing reading materials for yourself and your family.

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Homeschool Freebies & Sales {3/24}

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It’s time for this week’s Homeschool Freebies & Sales! 

GoodFridayNature Walk
FREE Good Friday Nature Walk @ The Unlikely Homeschool

easter file folder games
FREE Easter File Folder Games @ Itsy Bitsy Fun

FREE Bird Record Book @ Buggy and Buddy

easter cross math
FREE Crosses Mystery Math Pictures @ Real Life at Home

Big Spring Sale at What’s In the Bible?:

WitB Spring Sale

Amazon has some deeply discounted building sets that your family might enjoy:

(Prices can quickly change, so check before you buy!)

picasso tiles
Picasso Tiles – 60 pc.  $99.99  $51.79

Tinkertoy 100 pc. Essentials Set  $34.99  $19.99

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knex coaster
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CitiBlocs 200 pc. Cool-colored Blocks  $49.99  $25.38

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Funschool: Eggs

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Funschool Eggs

Welcome to Funschool, a weekly list of FREE educational lesson plans and printables built around a seasonal theme!

This week’s theme is Eggs.

The Good Egg Project

EGGucation Resources

4-H Embryology

An Egg Is Quiet

An Egg Is Quiet Activity Guide


Egg Fun Activities

Egg Natures Perfect Package

Science of Eggs

40 Easter Egg Experiments


The Pinkish Purplish Bluish Egg

Exploratorium: Eggs

Egg Education Posters

Embryology in the Classroom

Rechenkas Eggs

Rechenka’s Eggs Unit Study

E is for Egg

Egg Worksheets

An Extraordinary Egg

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Eggs

Types of Eggs Fact Sheet


The Talking Eggs

Egg Geodes

Egg Grab ‘N’ Grade Game

Eggville Escapades

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FREE Drawing eBooks for Kindle

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Free Drawing eBooks for Kindle

This week’s collection will bring out your creative side. These ebooks were free at the time of posting but that could change at any moment. As always, check before you click!!

Read on most devices with the FREE Kindle Reading App.


Zentangle: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

how to draw cool stuff

How to Draw Cool Stuff

realistic animals

How to  Draw Realistic Animals with Pencils

drawing for beginners

Drawing for Beginners

colored pencils

Colored Pencils: The Complementary Method

draw step by step

How to Draw Step by Step with Special Kids


Lettering and Calligraphy for Beginners

Don’t own a Kindle? You can read Kindle ebooks on your phone, tablet, or PC with the FREE Kindle Reading App.

monthly kindle book deals

My affiliate links were used in this post. There is no cost to you to download the free ebooks. I appreciate any shopping you might do while visiting Amazon! I have not read most of these ebooks and am not endorsing the contents. Please use your own judgement when choosing reading materials for yourself and your family.


Celebrating March {Subscriber Freebie}

 Celebrating March Printables

 I know March is half over, but hopefully this is a case of better late than never? The busyness of life has trumped blogging lately. The Celebrating March Printable Set is filled with Irish & Spring themed vintage prints and poems.

The Contents:

  • Baked Potato Soup – an easy but delicious recipe to make with your kids
  • Irish Blessing for your home
  • St. Patrick’s Breastplate
  • Vintage Letters C & D picture search
  • Book of Kells illustration

Celebrating March set 1

  • Coulour Poem & Writing Page
  • A Light Exists in Spring Poem & Writing Page
  • The Violet Poem & Writing Page

Celebrating March set 2

Vintage Coloring Pages:

Celebrating March set 3

Vintage Prints:

Celebrating March set 4

The Celebrating March set is free for my email newsletter subscribers. The links for the files will be at the bottom of every post update email. Not a subscriber? Sign up today! For best results, make sure your printer is set to borderless or whole page. I recommend printing on cardstock.

Don’t forget that the March Writing Prompt Calendar and Nature Observation Calendar downloads are also at the bottom of each email.

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St. Patrick’s Day Research for Independent Learning

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St Patrick's Day Research for Independent Learning

My kids seem to really retain the info that they dig up on their own rather than being spoon-fed dry facts. A research assignment can easily overwhelm younger kids, however. They are unsure about where to start and what information is needed. Plus there is the matter of internet safety – you can’t just turn your kid loose on Google search!

I created some St. Patrick’s Day Research printables that will encourage independent learning while giving some guidance. This series of questions uses four articles to learn about the life of St. Patrick and the history of St. Patrick’s Day.

The articles are on these websites:

I use LiveBinders to organize links for my kids. Each link opens up inside the online binder. I put the above links into a St. Patrick’s Day Binder to provide a simple way for you to share them with your child.

If you want to take it a step further, you can assign a paper using the facts gathered on these worksheets.

–> Download Your St. Patrick Research Guide  <–


Additional Resources

The Legends of St. Patrick  free ebook

St. Patrick’s Journey  interactive website

St. Patrick  free audio story

Patrick: From Slave to Saint  told in 1st person

St. Patrick’s Day  free educational videos

St. Patrick’s Day Funschool


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FREE March 2015 Writing Prompt Calendar

Free March Writing Prompt Calendar

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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum for High School English

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

*Disclosure: I received a free set for review purposes and am being compensated for my time. I am not required to give a positive review.  As always,  I am sharing my honest opinion with you.

Sometimes I really miss our early years of homeschooling, when our schooling had a decidedly Charlotte Mason flair. Our days were spent reading lovely books and exploring nature. Then came high school.

I realize it is very possible to apply Charlotte Mason’s principles to a high school curriculum plan. However, I am a non-multitasking momma of five kiddos that range from kindergarten to twelfth grade. It’s just not going to happen.

What I HAVE done is try to avoid boring textbooks as much as possible when choosing curriculum for my high schoolers. We definitely fall into the Eclectic category. The downside to this is that I worry about gaps in their education because we are not just going step-by-step through a book.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum has really helped to bridge that gap for us.

PAC English IV

My twelfth grader has been working her way through English Literature and Philosophy. Instead of one large book, each of the four chapters has a text workbook and an activity workbook. There is also a Teacher’s Key with activity keys, quizzes, quiz keys, tests, and test keys. It is encouraging for my daughter to be able to work towards finishing one book and starting the next.

Study literary themes using historical texts

This English IV course studies historical authors who were “firsts” in their fields. Their writings are used to study literary themes, enhance vocabulary, and build moral character. The activity workbook is a good mix of multiple choice, discussion, and essay questions. *You can view samples at the bottom of this page.

These are just a few of the writers covered in the first chapter:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Phyllis Wheatley
  • Thomas Paine
  • Anne Bradstreet
  • George Washington
  • Samuel Adams
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The reading is meaty and meaningful, and the assignments really make my daughter think about what she is reading instead of just regurgitating information.

PAC samples

PAC is not just for Advanced Homeschoolers

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum courses are advanced, but that doesn’t mean they are only for students pursuing an accelerated education. My daughter is not college bound at the moment. She will be interning with my husband after she graduates. But we don’t want her to take the easiest path just because she doesn’t need the extra credit. We want her to stretch her mind and, more importantly, strengthen her character. I simply break up each activity section into what I think she can handle in a day. I love the flexibility!

Another benefit to the individual chapters is the ability to purchase only what I need. I decided to give PAC a trial run with my tenth grader, so I ordered chapter one of the English Composition Skills course and also the digital Teacher’s Key. (I can’t wait to get it!) If it works for her, I will purchase the entire set next year.

More details about Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

The PAC curriculum is also available in digital format through “Audio Enhanced Textbooks” which read aloud to students while simultaneously highlighting the text on the computer screen, smartphone, or tablet.

PAC is in the process of incorporating QR codes into all of their courses, allowing the students to access extra content via smartphone. As of now, the only course with this technology is biology.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers these discounts:

40% off for

  • homeschool groups (minimum purchase $1000)
  • single parents

20%  off for

  • ministry families
  • military families
  • farmers and ranchers
  • first responders
  • foster parents

Call Paradigm at 325-649-0976 for a discount code to use during the checkout process if you fit into one of these categories.

I really look forward to adding Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum to our school lineup next year!

Connect to Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum:

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FREE My Father’s Dragon eBook


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