christmas decorating


How do you decorate your home for the holidays? I love the festive atmosphere, plus it’s the only time of the year that my home is decorated & coordinated :o)

**My nativity collection that I talked about Monday is my favorite thing.

**The kids’ bathroom is all decked out in icicle lights. I have seasonal hand towels throughout the year, but don’t go spend $6 at Target for a hand towel! Check places like Dollar Tree and Dollar General if you have them. You can get a Christmas kitchen towel there for a dollar, & guess what? It works the same as a bath towel! lol

**We have long flower beds across the front and I made big presents to scatter about. Just take a cardboard box, place something heavy inside like a brick, and wrap in shiny Christmas wrap – not paper, but maybe mylar?? It’s in with the regular Christmas paper at Dollar Tree. (yes, my entire house seems to be decorated from Dollar Tree-even some of my nativity collection is from there!) I add ribbon & a big bow using wide wired ribbon that you can get fairly cheap at Walmart-use ribbon that resembles mesh or lace, not fabric.

**This year I want to make some of these candy canes for our front porch. Be sure to buy your pool noodles soon, & hopefully on clearance.

**Storage is important: it is so easy to just throw everything into a box at the end of the year because you are tired of it, but that makes twice as much work next season. Decorating should be as easy as possible because Christmas is not about how fancy your house looks. It’s about celebrating the Joy of a little baby who was born to save you! Pack items away according to where they are in your home. Take pictures of your decor first so you don’t have to waste time next year trying to remember where everything fits. One more storage tip: if you remove everyday items (like off the mantel), just put them in your Christmas storage box until it’s time to switch back.

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