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wfmw – printable grocery list



I’ve been using the free Webmomz grocery list for about 3 years now. I love it because it includes kid-friendly foods like juice boxes & cheese sticks, and important things like cookie dough ;o) It is just so cute & cheery!!

Run on over to Rocks In My Dryer for some great tips.

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8 thoughts on “wfmw – printable grocery list

  1. I’ve been looking for one of these! Thanks!

  2. Perfect ~

    Now if I could only find someone to do the shopping for me.

  3. What perfect said! does it come with a personal shopping assistant too? ;-) Good tip!

  4. i had no idea there was one out there, i made my own about a year ago — it works so great! as long as everyone remembers to circle things when we run out. i was able to put on it exactly what we buy, so that if dh does the shopping he knows what brands, etc. there are separate columns for costco, grocery store, trader joe’s, etc…i have a stack clipped to the fridge so i can pull it off and still have one there.

  5. Great link! I need a printable list because my handwritten one can rarely be read–horrible handwriting! I highlight anything I have a coupon for so I don’t forget to pull it out before I hit the checkout.

  6. too cute! thanks for the link!

  7. This is great! It’s going to make my weekly menu planning much easier. Thanks!

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