it’s monk & neagle time

Remember when I got my free preview copy of Monk & Neagle’s upcoming album? I confess that, while excited to be chosen, I wasn’t sure how often I would reallllly listen to it. The clips from their website were good, but a little “lite” for my taste.

I’m happy to report that The Twenty-First Time is my new housecleaning CD! That is the highest honor that can be given to a CD in this house, one usually reserved for Third Day, Newsboys, and Toby Mac (with that line-up, do you see why I had some reservations about “lite” music? LOL)

The album will be released next Tuesday, September 18th. You can pre-order from their website for only $9.97! Head on over there & take a listen! You can also click the pic below or in my sidebar for the listening booth.


monk & neagle banner