wfmw – a great marriage

Today I celebrate 15 years of marriage to my knight in shining armor!

We married fairly young, and we both brought a good dose of pride into our new relationship. I remember someone telling us during that first year to enjoy the honeymoon, because around year 7 is when it all falls apart. (I have a few words for that person if I could just remember who it was.) We decided a couple of years into our marriage to try & live out Ephesians 5. The only downside to this is that no one believes us when we tell them that we have no problems in our marriage!!

These are some little tidbits I’ve gleaned in 15 years:

~It took me a long time to love my Savior more than I love my husband.

~Being equally yoked means more than just marrying a Christian. It means marrying someone who has the same vision/dreams/desires for the future. You are in for a rocky road if one of you wants a life of ministry and the other just wants to warm a pew.

~You should always marry your best friend.

~I’ve learned to hold my tongue when I’m angry. Many, many times God has shown me that my anger stemmed from my own selfishness or jealousy. The few times my anger was justified, I was able to discuss things calmly & lovingly because I cooled off first.

~Jason & I have almost nothing in common: God, Family, Mexican food & the Dallas Cowboys – that’s about it. We are living proof that opposites attract.

~Submission has little to do with action and everything to do with heart and attitude.
(Meaning you can be outwardly submissive to your husband, doing everything he requests & following his lead – BUT if your heart, body language & words don’t match your actions, it is empty & meaningless.)

~A man who knew nothing of babies before he held his own can instantly become a Super Daddy.

~I’m told that my husband is the only one among our crowd who doesn’t have to get a “Yard Pass” to go play with his friends. LOL                                                                          *yard pass = permission from wife, & is usually accompanied by a long To Do list to be completed upon returning home

Jason, I’m so thankful that God gave me to you! I pray that we have many, many, many more anniversaries – it will take me that long to get my act together ;o) I love you!!!

p.s. For those of you who have raised an eyebrow at my ‘Rangers are Sexy’ blinkie- I do not have a crush on Viggo Mortensen, I am married to Aragorn. Jason has spent his adult life fighting for Truth and Righteousness. He is a bold, caring leader with a thirst for adventure. Funny thing is he wants to be more like Frodo – but who wants to be married to Frodo :o)

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