virtually friends

My friend Kelli was blogging long before I was, and she was always talking about her bloggy friends. I wondered how in the world you make friends through the internet! Now I realize that you do it the same way you do IRL (In Real Life): you find people with similar interests & just start chatting :o)

Sweet & funny Rhen sent me this award.


I want to pass it along to:

My new internets pals Julie, SouthernGirlMusings, & Carrie (she’s on Rhen’s list so she gets it twice!). I don’t know these ladies very well (yet), but I enjoy their blogs & their sweet comments. I’m also sending it along to my IRL friends Jill, Kelli, Melanie, Tiersa, Shellie & Emme. Now maybe Tiersa & Emme will post something ;o)

I would also give this award to my sister Angela IF SHE WOULD EVER START A BLOG! She is creative, talented, and constantly showing me pics of her projects. Wouldn’t you like to be able to see them too?