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olympic fun


Is anyone else excited about the Olympic Opening Ceremony tomorrow night? I love all the costumes & music, and wondering how the torch is going to be lit. (IMO the Greece one was the best opening ceremony, and the worst was the one with that weird little genderless thing for a mascot – where was that?)

We are going to have Chinese food for dinner, and I found several fun activities online that we might do during the day, or in the next couple of weeks:

Olympics Math

Medal Tally Sheet

Host Your Own Olympic Games

Beijing Games Educational Kit

Worksheets from Enchanted Learning (we have a membership)

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2 thoughts on “olympic fun

  1. I was trying to avoid doing an Olympic study, but you encouraged me. The boys will love it! What a great idea to have Chinese Food tonight.

  2. Have you seen this yet? We will be doing this next week.

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