things i never thought i’d say

Do NOT put rocks/ dirt/ beads in your nose.

I told you that, if you leaned too far over the top bunk, the ceiling fan would hit you in the head.

Don’t let the dog lick you in the mouth.

Yes, that IS a beautiful spider.

Quit climbing the door facings. (said to my son who is 6 ft. off the ground)

Don’t EVER EVER EVER stick anything into an electrical outlet again!

Didn’t I tell you to NEVER EVER EVER stick anything into an outlet again?!?

Just pick it up, wipe the dirt/dog hair off, and eat it – you’re not getting another one.

Please don’t throw up in the van!

Get your underwear off your head.

Do you know that you have a sucker stuck to the back of your head?

We don’t bite people’s noses.

If you don’t be quiet, I’m going to stick you in the closet. (Oh ok, I would never really say that, but I have thought it!)

So what have you said, since having kids, that you never thought you would say?


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