weblink wednesday

I’m participating for the first time in Weblink Wednesday, a fun list of educational sites. I love online learning!

My girls have a history research project to do every week and sites like wikipedia are just over their heads (plus I don’t know if I can trust the content). I was looking for a kid-friendly search engine and that’s how I came across Kidipede.

Here are a few more history sites to enjoy:

Thinking Things by Snaith Primary there are so many fun & useful things here

Walk Through Time interactive timeline & games, printable activities

History Detectives

History on the Net printable worksheets


  1. says

    LOVE IT!!! History weblinks are sometimes difficult to find. My section for History on Weblinkeducation.com is limited. I’ll be sure to add these into the site SOON! Thanks for participating. You did a wonderful job!!!

    Valerie, AKA: SoCalVal

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