God in the everyday

If it isn’t possible to know the quickening presence of God in the everyday routine,one might as well ship religiosity off to a seminary library and leave it there. Either God is God of life, or God is on the reserve shelf, available and relevant only to a sanctified elite.

~Sara Wenger Shenk

simple woman’s daybook



Outside my window… it is cloudy and drizzling

I am thinking... of Autumn crafts and recipes (which I hope to share later)

From the learning rooms… just some organizing and seasonal fun. We are taking October off in anticipation of Baby Girl’s arrival

I am thankful for… the rain!!

From the kitchen… popcorn chicken (39 weeks pregnant & a sick child – nothing fancy today)

I am creating… my holiday planner

I am going… to Central Market for Honeycrisp apples and pumpkins

I am reading… my Bible,  Learning All the Time

I am hoping… to have a baby by the end of the week

I am hearing… Sherri Lewis singing silly songs

Around the house… I’m sanitizing everything (and everyone). Funny Girl woke up with a nasty tummy bug this morning. Please pray that no one else gets it!!

One of my favorite things… the scent of a pumpkin spice candle

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…  my Dr. appt.; get the fall clothes out of the attic; finish putting up Autumn decor

Here is picture thought I am sharing

click on the pic to get instructions for making these beautiful maple leaf roses (not my photo)

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