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Thirteen ways I get free stuff in my mailbox almost everyday:

1. Sign up for free samples. These are my two favorite sites:

2. Host a House Party.  My most recent one is a Velveeta Game Day Party, to share with my friends this Sunday. I’ve also done one for Arm & Hammer cleaning products, Scholastic Toys and a Fear Factor kids party. They are  a lot of fun & you get a HUGE box of goodies to share.

3. Join Vocalpoint. It’s a site for moms run by Proctor & Gamble. They send out great samples and coupons.

4. Be a BzzAgent. You get to test products, share coupons with friends and report back on your experience. I’ve gotten so many free things from this, including a Sonicare toothbrush and sanitizer.

5. Join the One2One Network.  It is a woman’s word-of-mouth marketing network. Right now they are offering me a free CD to review on my blog.

6. Join MomSelect. Another marketing network. My most recent email was about free tickets to the Thomas & Friends Live! show. (not in my area yet)

7. Join the GARB panel. Test-wear things like socks & underwear (which you get to keep) and then get paid for filling out a survey about your experience.

8. Sign up for MyPoints. Earn points for reading emails, then redeem them for gift cards. You can also purchase items through the site for extra points. This is super fast & easy and I earn a $25 gift card every year just by reading emails.

9. Join KRAFT First Taste.  Choose a food item to review and they will send you the product or a coupon for a free item.

10. Sign up for Redbox Insider Updates.  Redbox is a movie vending machine that only costs $1 a day. They are located inside stores & fast food restaurants. Inside Redbox lists free codes, and also sends out a code for a free movie every Monday. Check here to see if there is a Redbox in your area.

11. Sign up for Birthday Clubs. Lots of stores & restaurants will offer you free stuff on your birthday – just check out their websites. Some also offer free stuff for joining their fan club. Here is a big list to get you started.

12. Email companies about products you use and let them know how much you like them. Or let them know of a problem you have with their products (but don’t abuse this!). They enjoy hearing your praise and will often send you coupons for their products that are a much higher value than you get in the paper. Be sure to include your mailing address.

13. Swap books on Paperback Swap. This isn’t really free since you have to pay a little shipping, but it can save you tons of money and the site is free to use. Here’s how it works: List books that you want to get rid of. Someone can request one of your books and you send it to them by media mail. You earn a credit when they receive the book and you can then order any book you want from the site. You can also fill out a wish list so that books you want will be held for you as they become available. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by getting lots of our homeschool curriculum this way.

There are many more programs out there, but these are the ones that I am a member of and can verify that they are the real deal. So tell me, how do you get free stuff?

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