review – Grapevine Studies


I’ve had my eye on Grapevine Studies for a couple of years now, so I was thrilled when I saw them on my review list! Dianna, the author of the series, went above and beyond to help me decide which studies were the best fit for my kids. I chose to review the Old Testament Basics and New Testament Overview Levels 1 & 3 e-books.

The concept is simple: draw basic stick figures for key stories in the Bible. The Teacher Book tells you step-by-step what to say and draw. Each lesson starts with a review, and then the teacher draws the lesson on a whiteboard as the student follows along on paper. It is that easy!! But don’t let the simplicity fool you – my kids are absorbing Bible facts like little sponges.

My husband is leading us through this before bed each night and the kids really enjoy it! My 4 year old needs a little guidance, but she is having no problem understanding and keeping up with the others. Everyone wants a turn with the dry erase markers, so Hubby quizzes each kid at the end of the lesson and they get to draw (and then erase!) the answer.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • OT Basics Teacher e-book  19.95
  • OT Basics Student e-book  19.95
  • NT Overview Teacher 3-4 e-book  24.95
  • NT Overview Student 1  e-book 25.95
  • NT Overview Student 3  e-book 22.95

Things I Like:

  • very easy to use – just open & teach
  • fun for the whole family
  • great customer service

Value: I think these are worth the money, especially if you buy the e-books. My 4 kids are sharing two levels, and I can cycle back through them when the two little ones & the baby get older.

I have a special discount to share with my readers. Order by September 15th and get 30% off with this code: crews

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wfmw – printable student planners


I’ve come to realize that you people like lists of free printables!  LOL  My posts about household notebooks and chore charts get tons of hits every day. I figure I might as well stick with what works, so here are some Student Planner & Calendar links for your browsing enjoyment!

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