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I’ve had my eye on Grapevine Studies for a couple of years now, so I was thrilled when I saw them on my review list! Dianna, the author of the series, went above and beyond to help me decide which studies were the best fit for my kids. I chose to review the Old Testament Basics and New Testament Overview Levels 1 & 3 e-books.

The concept is simple: draw basic stick figures for key stories in the Bible. The Teacher Book tells you step-by-step what to say and draw. Each lesson starts with a review, and then the teacher draws the lesson on a whiteboard as the student follows along on paper. It is that easy!! But don’t let the simplicity fool you – my kids are absorbing Bible facts like little sponges.

My husband is leading us through this before bed each night and the kids really enjoy it! My 4 year old needs a little guidance, but she is having no problem understanding and keeping up with the others. Everyone wants a turn with the dry erase markers, so Hubby quizzes each kid at the end of the lesson and they get to draw (and then erase!) the answer.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • OT Basics Teacher e-book  19.95
  • OT Basics Student e-book  19.95
  • NT Overview Teacher 3-4 e-book  24.95
  • NT Overview Student 1  e-book 25.95
  • NT Overview Student 3  e-book 22.95

Things I Like:

  • very easy to use – just open & teach
  • fun for the whole family
  • great customer service

Value: I think these are worth the money, especially if you buy the e-books. My 4 kids are sharing two levels, and I can cycle back through them when the two little ones & the baby get older.

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    Hi Amy,

    I am fairly new to visiting your blog, you are already listed on mine for homeschooling. :)

    I had to share with you my excitement when I saw this Bible curriculum!! I was praying and starting to even stress a bit about finding some different material…the one I had gotten was too mature for us this year. This looks like so much fun and our girls love to draw! Thank you for sharing this review and how your whole family is involved in this. I am going to email them and see which one is a good fit for us too!

    Blessings & Thanks,

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