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It is the rare child who doesn’t like cars or horses, so combine them with a fun skill review game and we have a winner in The Quarter Mile Math!

We received the Deluxe version to test and it has been so much fun! Each person chooses a dragster to race or a horse to run through a meadow.  After choosing a topic, you try to correctly answer problems as fast as you can. Your five fastest horses or cars are always competing against each other, so the object is to top your previous best time. My 4 year old can even play along with the keyboard letter and number recognition categories.

I think this is so much more effective than flash cards. My kids are motivated to keep practicing the same multiplication problems in order to to beat their fastest time. I really appreciate how Barnum Software has made this cost effective for the majority of homeschoolers at $2.95 per month for the entire family!!

The Nitty Gritty:

The Quarter Mile Math comes in two different affordable versions. You can compare them on this chart.

Things I like:

  • fun for all ages, from preschoolers to adult
  • skills are very specific, not just a bunch of random problems
  • kids are motivated to improve on their best time
  • used by Sylvan Learning Centers
  • very affordable

Value: Dirt cheap is how I would price this one!  LOL  I know that this is not true for all, but most families will not miss $2.95 a month. You can also purchase a one or two year subscription, or the standard cd version.

Barnum Software is offering my readers $5 off of the Standard or Deluxe version if ordered by September 30th using this code: 7R7K7

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