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My opinion of the Studypod book holder before it arrived: What a neat little gadget! Maybe we will use it to display a seasonal book on the coffee table.

My opinion of Studypod after using it for a few weeks: How did I ever teach without this??? I use it Every.Single.Day. I like it so much that this is going to be my standard high school graduation gift from now on.


We are studying explorers in history right now. I put my book in the Studypod so that I can read and still easily write on the whiteboard. I then put the map we are creating on top of the book and sit it in the middle of the table. All of the kids are able to see it at the same time and work on their maps. I get to avoid the chaos I would hear if I were to put it flat on the table: “Your head is in the way, I can’t see it! Your elbow is poking me! She wrinkled my paper!”

You can watch a video of the Studypod in action:


Studypods come in black, blue or pink. Bookpods are the same thing, but marketed for general use, and come in black, gray and beige.

The Nitty Gritty:

One is $19.95; buy 2 or more & get them for $16.95 each. My readers can get a $5 dicount by using this code: TOSBLOG5


Things I like:

  • It fits any size book, large or small
  • It folds up to the size of a book so you can throw it in a bag & go
  • It holds the book at a comfortable reading angle, similar to a laptop.
  • There is a mesh pocket inside to store study supplies
  • It is a great servant to me and makes my job easier

Value: The Studypod is obviously not a homeschooling essential, but use it for a week and I think you will wonder how you ever taught without it! Definitely worth the money!

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