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We recently had a chance to review A Journey Through Learning lapbooks. We’ve only tried lapbooking once before with a very complicated set, so I was eager to get a look at a different company.

autumnlb We decided to start with the Autumn study. We also received these studies to view:



Parables of a King


We are still not crazy about lapbooks, but I am very impressed with these! There is a good balance between the information and the work involved.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Instant Download  $13.00
  • CD $14.00
  • Printed   $21.00

Things I Like:

  • The graphics are very appealing.
  • There is a lot of learning going on while working on these. It is not just a bunch of busywork like some of the other lapbooks I’ve seen.
  • The study guide format is easy to follow – each lesson & the matching lapbook components are together (instead of all the information, then all of the pieces, which leaves Mom to piece it all together).
  • They have a lapbook for any subject or season!

Value: These are priced about the same as other lapbook study guides, but the end result is much nicer in my opinion.

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