review – Sarah’s Wish


I curled up with the free copy of Sarah’s Wish that we received and had a hard time putting it down! Jim Baumgardner, the author of the Sarah Book Series, wrote this book for his nine grandkids. He describes it as Young Adult fiction written by a Christian author. He makes history come alive for his young readers.

Sarah is a twelve year old girl living in 1858. She helps her mom hide runaway slaves as part of the Underground Railroad. Her mom tragically dies in an accident and now Sarah must be brave, keep her secret, and help deliver the “packages”. (My daughter & I are both a little bummed that a parent always seems to die in stories these days.)

Mr. Baumgardner has done such a good job of creating interesting characters that pull you right into the story. He comes across as quite a likeable character himself in his emails! Our book included a link to an audio download that our whole family will listen to as soon as I can figure it out 😉 We are studying American History this year and we are eager to read the entire series.

The Nitty Gritty: free s&h and books come autographed

  • Sarah’s Wish  $9.99       (126 pgs.)
  • Sarah’s Promise $13.50 (248 pgs.)
  • Sarah’s Escape  $17.50 (304 pgs.)

Things I Like:

  • There is a glossary at the beginning of the book.
  • We would much rather learn history through a living book than a dry textbook.
  • The book includes a link to a free audio download.
  • Our book was autographed and included a beautiful butterfly sticker.
  • The author is a hoot! He has a wonderful monthly newsletter full of info about the olden days. (See top right corner to sign up.)

Value: I think you get your money’s worth on this one. Your purchase includes a personalized autographed book, an audio version, and a monthly history lesson delivered to your inbox. This is a put it on the shelf & keep it book. This would make a great gift.

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