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Christmas is just a few weeks away, and I think many of us are having to cut corners and get creative with gifts this year. I am going to start posting some of the great internet deals I find and how you can use them to get cheap or even FREE gifts. (I’ll eventually come up with a catchy title & button for this series, but no time for that now! I’m only on my coffee break.  LOL) done!

Many of these deals will be very time sensitive, so don’t just bookmark them & come back later -they might be gone!!

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Here’s the first deal:

The Kodak Gallery Million Thanks Giveaway

Sign up for their newsletter & receive a $15 Kodak Gallery code. (limited to the first 100,000 each phase, so keep trying)

  • Phase 1 (Oct 20 – Oct 28): Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes will be given away
  • Phase 2 (Oct 29 – Nov 5): Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes will be given away
  • Phase 3 (Nov 6 – Nov 13): Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes will be given away

But wait, it gets better! Go through Ebates to place your Kodak order and get 20% back! If you are new to Ebates you also get a $5 sign-up bonus.

Stayed tuned for more!

HT to Money Saving Mom

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