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One of the amazing things about the Amazing Bible Timeline is the size of the thing! We unrolled our timeline  and spread it out on the couch because it was too big to fit on the table.

The Amazing Bible Timeline is a unique way to mesh world history and the Bible. I like being able to compare the different lineages in the Old Testament and seeing which lives overlapped. I am not a fan of linear timelines because I want to see the whole picture. (Shh, don’t tell anyone or I might get my Homeschool Mommy license taken away. ;-))

As much as we enjoyed looking at the timeline, there are some things that really bothered me about this review. The company that produces this timeline has another website for the LDS Book of Mormon Timeline and some of these Mormon references show up on the Amazing Bible Timeline. Now let me be clear here: I have no problem with them selling a Mormon version of their timeline. My problem is that there was no mention of any of this when we were sent the chart. Some of my fellow crew members discovered all of this after finding Mormon references in the timeline. I feel like this was all a bit deceptive, even if unintentional, and that I can’t fully trust all of the info on the timeline.

The Nitty Gritty:

$29.97 and it comes with two bonuses: Interactive Maps of the Holy Lands and Digital Amazing Bible Timeline

Things I like:

  • I love being able to see how the people in the Old Testament overlapped each other. I’ve never had a clear picture of that before.
  • I like the circular timeline.
  • This is a high quality product – very thick and made to last.


This is a tough one. I will not be using this for a history resource, but I love it as an old Testament visual. You’ll have to make your own decision on this one.

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