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review – Virginia Soaps & Scents

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I was very excited to receive my package from Virginia Soaps & Scents because I LOVE handcrafted soap. Are you wondering what reviewing soap has to do with homeschooling? Well, sometimes Mommy just needs a little Calgon time after a long day of teaching her little stinkers blessings. Oh. . . and it might be because the soap is made by homeschoolers LOL. My box held four samper soap bars and a laundry kit.

My soap sampler contained three soap bars and a shampoo bar. I smelled the Orange and the Coconut Lemongrass soaps (they smelled nice!) and then I never saw them again because the kids claimed them as their own.  I held on tightly to the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap because it was mine, all mine!! It reminds me of an oatmeal cookie and is exactly what I imagine Autumn would smell like if you could gather it up and turn it into a bar of soap. Since this soap has natural oils in it, I decided to try it on my face. It left my skin so smooth and soft!

I really want to try the Christmas Scents, and speaking of Christmas, these would make very affordable gifts. You can buy 10 full size bars for $35.00, or purchase a Sampler of the smaller bars to split up for stocking stuffers.

The Shampoo Bar was a new thing for us. I only had so-so results with my thick, coarse hair, but I will definitely be buying this for my daughter & hubby. My daughter has a very sensitive scalp and most shampoos make her itchy. She loved the shampoo bar from the very first use and it makes her hair very soft & wavy. My husband picked it up one day & decided to use it on his face to shave. For the first time in years he wasn’t bleeding after he shaved! (His beard is extremely tough – he has a 5 o’clock shadow by noon. LOL)

I was amused by the clever little Laundry Soap Kit. It is a good way to try out their Cleaning Bar without investing in all the products. One kit makes enough for 64-72 loads of laundry and works in top- and front-loading washers. I think this would be a cute addition to a gift basket.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Soap – $4.50 each or 10 for $35.00
  • Shampoo Bar – $5.50 or 2 for $10.00
  • Laundry Soap Kit $4.95
  • See website for more products & prices

Things I Like:

  • The ingredients are pure and natural.
  • The scents are strong enough to be smelled on the skin after washing, but they are not overpowering.
  • Their products have multiple uses.
  • They make beautiful and affordable gifts.
  • My purchase supports a homeschool family.

Value: I think the soap is a great value! The cheapest I have ever seen handcrafted soap in our area is $6.95 a bar.

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