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We had fun reviewing our free copy of Gymathtics from Exploramania. Gymathtics pairs up exercise and math facts in this award winning DVD. I was expecting it to be only simple subjects like multiplication facts, so I was pleasantly surprised when Prime Numbers popped up on the screen. The targeted audience is 2nd – 5th graders, but my younger and older ones enjoyed it too.

The 30-minute program includes:

  • Shape Stretches Warm Up: Stretch your mind and body with line, circle, and polygon stretches.
  • Counting Calisthenics: Aerobic movements work your heart as fun counting concepts work your brain.
  • Pattern Power: Growing and repeating pattern exercise combinations challenge minds and strengthen muscles.
  • Well-Being Wind Down: Relaxing stretches cool down the body and open the mind to think about healthy lifestyle choices including the Nice Wave Stretch and Big Dream Stretch.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • $24.95

Things I Like:

  • There is a wide range of topics covered (see a list HERE).
  • It’s a pretty decent workout.
  • I love having something active AND educational for those bad-weather days when we’ve all been inside too long.
  • This is a great resource for kinesthetic learning.

Value: I think the value of this depends on your need for it. (It’s only a good deal if you will use it regularly.) Check out a video sample below.

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