jingle all the way through the year

I really enjoyed posting the inexpensive Christmas gift deals that I came across. And judging from the feedback I received, many of you found them useful too.

I like to buy birthday and Christmas gifts all year long whenever I find a great sale. I am thinking about continuing my Jingle series all year long to help us all gear up for a year of debt-free giving.

Is anyone interested in me continuing the Jingle All the Way to the Bank posts? Leave me a comment and let me know!!

eat from the pantry challenge

I am joining the 200+ people taking the Eat From the Pantry Challenge this month. Hubby is between jobs as he works on setting up his own optical lab, so this will hopefully hold me accountable as I try to squeeze every penny. I may not make it the entire month, but I’m gonna give it a go!

There are no hard & fast rules other than to use up your pantry and freezer supplies, and save some grocery $$ in the process.

(Just so you know, our family is 2 adults and            5 kids, ages 1 – 12)

Here are my goals for the challenge:

  • take a complete inventory of my pantry & freezer
  • creatively use up all of the little bits & pieces leftover from the holidays
  • try out several new recipes
  • cut my weekly grocery budget of $85 down to $50 or less – I am still going to take advantage of any great coupon/sale deals, but I will not use any of those items during the challenge.
  • use coupons to get as many free or close-to-free items as I can and donate them to a local food pantry

I will be posting my inventory list and the recipes that we try. Let me know if you join the challenge and I will drop by to take a look!