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wfmw- free garden planners/journals

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I mentioned yesterday that I want to plan a REAL garden this year, and will be incorporating it into our schooling.

I came across this great post about keeping a gardening journal. Like always, that sent me on a scavenger hunt for printables!

~This Garden Journal has a graph that would come in handy for square foot gardening

~Homestead Garden Journal Pages

~Garden Genius

~Lawn & Garden Budget

~Automatic Seed Starting Chart very cool

~2010 Garden Journal from Arbico Organics

~Hobby Farms

Head on over HERE for lots of great tips!

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One thought on “wfmw- free garden planners/journals

  1. Thanks for sharing all of these links…and, I am LOVING your delicious bookmarks!!! Wow. I have some reading to do! LOL

    Thanks for dropping by!


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