chunkin’ the junk

My family used to eat fairly healthy – lots of fresh, non-processed, sometimes-organic food. Then I got pregnant with Sweetpea, and it all went downhill from there. Our diet went from bad to worse when Hubby left his job in October and we had to tighten the budget belt.

My kids were devastated thrilled when I told them that we are Chunkin’ the Junk in April! No more chips, no more refined flour, no more sugary cereal – it’s all going in the trash!

Here are some things I already do: (ok, so I guess we don’t eat total junk)

  • try to avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • bake with whole wheat
  • add flax seed & wheat germ to baked goods
  • real butter
  • organic milk for Sweetpea
  • steel cut oatmeal
  • preservative-free lunch meat
  • natural sweeteners like honey & sucanat

I want to learn how to:

  • can food
  • make yogurt
  • bake with sprouted grains
  • bake whole grain artisan bread
  • grow a decent garden

I’m guessing that many of you would like to know these things too, so I will be sharing what I learn.

You can let me know if this type of thing interests you by leaving me a lovely comment!

review – Math Galaxy

The newest online math product up for review is Math Galaxy.  If your child needs practice, these programs have you covered! The Math Galaxy software offers a wide range of math tutoring and review topics:

  • Whole Numbers Fun
  • Fractions Fun
  • Decimals, Proportions, % Fun
  • Word Problems Fun
  • Pre-Algebra Fun
  • Algebra Fundamentals
  • Whole Numbers Worksheet Generator
  • Fractions Worksheet Generator
  • Decimals, Proportions, % Worksheet Generator
  • Algebra Worksheet Generator
  • Whole Numbers Riddles eBook
  • Fractions eBook

Things we like:

  • the simple, but very colorful, graphics
  • focuses on a specific concept
  • you can see a problem worked out step-by-step
  • the riddles add an extra level of fun to the problems
  • older grades are included

One thing I didn’t like as much is the number of steps required to enter an answer on some of the games – lots of clicking.

You can take a tour of the Galaxy HERE.

Try out several of the games at the bottom of the home page.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • CD Rom $29.95 each

Value: These are a good deal compared to many of the online subscription programs out there. They can be used for multiple students.

See what my TOS Crew Mates have to say about Math Galaxy!

I received free downloads of all of the programs for the purpose of writing an honest review. no other compensation was given.

review – Homeschool in the Woods

I love to browse around Homeschool in the Woods. Their Time Travelers studies are just so neat! I was thrilled to review their new Olde World Style Maps.

The World Maps set comes in ancient and modern styles. The maps come with or without labels and borders.

This set comes with a BONUS of over 40 notebooking pages with reports, facts sheets, flags and graphics.

The United States Maps set contains maps of each state plus maps from American History. The maps come with labels, without labels, and outline form.

This set comes with a BONUS of facts sheets for each state and full-color state flags.

These maps are gorgeous. We are studying the 13 colonies in American History and I wanted the girls to label them on a map. I headed to Google Images like usual when I suddenly remembered that I had just received these sets. Sure enough, I found the perfect map in the ones from American History!

You can download free samples from the blue boxes on the left.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • $18.95 each or both for $28.95

Value: Every homeschool should have a set of these!

See what my TOS Crew Mates have to say about Homeschool in the Woods!

I received free downloads for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.

review – Homeschool Library Builder

Peek into most homeschoolers’ homes and you will find shelves full of book. The two go hand in hand. Homeschool Library Builder wants to “fill your bookshelves without emptying your wallet”.

Homeschool Library Builder is a good source for inexpensive new & used books. Sign up for a free membership and earn HSLB Book Points. Every 15 points earns you $1 off a future purchase.

In addition to the usual categories, you can search by curriculum: Ambleside, Beautiful Feet, Five In A Row, Heart of Dakota, Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace & Veritas Press. We used Heart of Dakota for a few years and I had a hard time finding used books. I wish I had known about HSLB!

Here are a few more helpful features:

The Nitty Gritty:

  • membership is free!

Value: This is a great resource for families who don’t have a good public library, or for those who just want to create their own library.

See what my TOS Crew Mates have to say about HSLB!

No compensation was given for my honest review.