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Wiglington and Wenks is the World’s Most Massive Virtual World for Kids. It is geared for ages 7-14. My kids love sites like this, so I didn’t have to twist any arms to get them to try it out.

WW is an impressive site – very well done. You create a virtual character and travel to different geographic locations. You are on a quest to help historical figures regain their memories. WW is free to play,  but you can purchase a membership to become an Elite Quest Traveler and gain access to a wider range of choices. You can view all of the features HERE.

Some things to know:

~Even though my kids loved this game, I had to ban them from playing it. I don’t worry too much about them playing online – we have very strict rules and they are good about adhering to them. The problem came with the chat feature. There was no opt-out or safe chat option. WW has safety features, but kids these days are smart & know how to get around them. One daughter witnessed some very foul language. Thankfully, WW has acknowledged the problem and has launched a safe chat beta. I will definitely let my kids back on once everything is set in place.

~Some families might not approve of a few of the historical figures, like Darwin and characters from Mythology. We enjoy discussing these things, but thought you might wanna know.

~I would not classify this as an educational game, even though some learning does take place. The way I look at it is that my kids play these types of games anyway, so I’m glad they are excited about one where they might learn something.

The Nitty Gritty:

Value: Free is good, and $5.99 a month is not too bad if your family is really into virtual worlds.

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I received a one month Elite Quest membership for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.


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