day 4 ~ give something away

30-Day Giving Challenge

I love to give stuff away!

Some people are great at selling their unwanted items through Craigslist, Ebay, Garage Sales, or on consignment. I STINK at it.

The stuff will sit around for weeks, waiting for me to deal with it. And I hate to go to the post office. AND all that drives my husband crazy.

Sooooo I give it away. Most of it was given to us in the first place, so we just pass it on along when we are through. And you know what? It is amazing how God replaces the old, outgrown stuff with the new stuff that we need (new to us, that is!).

I’ve got something to give to one of you –>

  • If any of you collect Huggies Rewards codes, I have one off of a package of wipes. The first one to leave me a comment gets it.

{See how easy that was?}

Now go give something away!!