WFMW – Easter Baskets for a Large Family

Our Easter celebrations have very little to do with the Easter Bunny these days, but my kids still enjoy getting a basket full of goodies.

I realized several years ago, when we only had 4 littles, that I could not keep up with the expense & sheer quantity of little junky trinkets that went along with filling traditional baskets.

I decided to switch to one family basket instead. I think our first one was in a wicker laundry basket.

The beauty of this is that I can fill the basket with larger items for the entire group. I usually try to stick with things that can be played with outside. This year I snagged this deal for only $2!!

Each child gets a chocolate cross, then I add a few other candies and maybe a book & craft from our local Christian bookstore.

I can fill a large basket for under $25 and my kiddos love it. That is less than $5 per child, which wouldn’t go very far in an individual basket.

My favorite thing about changing to one basket is that it emphasizes something very important to our family –> that we share with each other and enjoy life together!

May your Easter be filled with the power of the Resurrection!!

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