2011-2012 Curriculum

It is week 1 of the “Not” Back to School Blog Hop and I look forward to browsing all the lists!

I like to use whatever free resources I can find, and I will also throw in seasonal fun using the links that I add to my Month by Month page.

Here are my plans for dd(14), dd(12), ds(8), dd(6), and dd(almost 3):


AllGrapevine Studies we do this with Daddy before bedtime

AllMissionary Blogs

9th & 7th – free Bible worksheets from Heart of Wisdom to be used with history

9th & 7thThrough the Bible with My Child  (free) to be used with history


AllAncient Civilizations & the Bible  (includes art & music)


9th & 7th – Mapwork with history; Geography A to Z  (free)

3rd & 1stElementary Geography by Charlotte Mason  (free)


9thBiology 101

7th & younger


We go on a nature walk every Friday morning at the duck pond down at the end of our street. No formal curriculum…I just teach something.


9thLife of Fred  Beginning Algebra; Khan Academy  (free)

7thLife of Fred  Fractions; Decimals & Percents

3rdSaxon 3

1st Saxon 1


9th & 7th

  • various Writing Guides  (free)  – will create writing notebook
  • Everyday Edits  (free)
  • daily journal prompts – I create a Prompt Calendar for each month




Spell by Color  (free)

English from the Roots Up


9th – {still working on this}

7th – {still working on this}

3rd – {still working on this}



9th & 7th –  Cursive Copywork  (free)  use as refresher

3rdHandwriting Model Worksheets  (free)  use as refresher course,  Spacing Paper  (free)

1st A to Z Handwriting Worksheets  (free)


Bubble Activities   (free) using stickers from the Target $ spot

Alphabet Animal Puppets  (free)

Vintage Coloring Pages  (free)

Learning Size Activities  (free)

Story Props  (free)


  1. says

    Thanks for that link to the yahoo group for Truthquest . I know that will be very helpful. I was a bit overwhelmed when I received the book and it wasn’t all spelled out for me. :)

    Your list is great and I hope to use some of the free sites you have posted. Is the notebook page for Zoology 2 the same one you would buy in binder form? I haven’t purchased that set yet, so I am hoping that it is.

    • says

      No, it is not the same. I was looking at the purchased one online last night – the notebook pages are different and it looks like it includes the discussion questions for the book. The free one is only notebooking pages for all of the assignments in the book.

      BUT there are lots of different printables for the questions available in the Yahoo group files. I can’t afford the journals, so cobbling it together works for me!


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    Stopping by from the NBTS Blog Hop. I was reading through your list, saw you like free stuff and it made me remember that one of the game sites we do has a set of games for How to Kill a Mocking Bird. I looked up the link for you… http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/literature-games/kill-a-mockingbird.html … this site would be great to add to your free stuff. We use it all the time! Looks like you have a great plan for your year. Best of luck.

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