Planning for a Peaceful Christmas

Did you know that Christmas is just 60 days away?

Many of us have visions of a peaceful, holy season spent with family & friends.

Too often, it turns into a hectic mess of chaos and you are left feeling empty and exhausted.

Several bloggers want to help you start planning your holiday now to avoid all of that last minute busy-ness!

Life As Mom has you Planning for a Simpler Season.

12 bloggers are joining together for the 12 Ways of Christmas.

Sheri Graham brings you Homemade for the Holidays.

Sew Mama Sew has a creative Holiday Sew-Along.

We had a Joy-filled Christmas last year with our December Advent Countdown Box. It was a last-minute idea and not as organized as I would like. I will be fine-tuning it for this year and sharing it here with you in November!


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