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WFMW – Homeschool for FREE


{This week’s WFMW has a Frugal theme!}

It is that time of year …

Catalogs are filling up the mailbox, the conventions are scheduled, and homeschool parents start doing the math.

But homeschooling doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

At least half of our subjects use free resources that I’ve found online.

I store all of the free curriculum that I come across in my handy-dandy        Homeschool for Free eBinder.

The link for this binder is always in the right-hand column —>

There is something FREE! for just about every subject, with new ones being added regularly. And I don’t mean worksheets & craft ideas – I’m talkin’ complete courses.

You could put together an entire year for free if you are determined enough ;-)

So tell me, do you use FREE resources in your homeschool?

p.s. I will be going through all of these links in the next few days to make sure they are still working. Please let me know if you find one that doesn’t.

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7 thoughts on “WFMW – Homeschool for FREE

  1. Yup, I do use free resources all the time. I pin most of them, so feel free to check out my pinterest boards at We also love It is the best vocab program I’ve seen, and it’s free! Many museums offer awesome resources at their websites. My favorite art/language arts/history resource is found at the Getty’s website. and here is my review covering the features found in this curriculum that could last a whole year. So much out there–I could go on forever! Perhaps, I need to organize it all like you have done! Thanks for sharing all your finds.

  2. You are amazing!! Thank you for sharing all of your hard work!!

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