A Day at the Pond

Yesterday was gorgeous with perfect Spring weather, so we gathered the fishing poles and headed down to the neighborhood pond at the end of our street.

We look forward to the adorable baby ducks each year!

At first, all we attracted was a flock of pigeons.

Sweetpea made the first catch of the day.

Funny Girl’s was the biggest.

Warrior Boy was proud of his little friend.

All the little fishy friends went back into the water to grow bigger. No fish dinner for us, but a fun afternoon was had by all!


  1. jo says

    That was one of our favorite things to do when our (now grown) boys were small. Our favorite story about that pond is when Brad wrapped biscuit dough around a weight, attached to a length of fishing line, and dropped it through a knothole on that pier…when a fishy bit, he jerked the line…and knocked the fish off, because it was bigger than the hole! hahahaha! Fun times!

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