Free Homeschool Planner Roundup

I love getting this post ready every year!! It means that school is out, and I am already planning for the next year.

I am trying something new this time – a clipboard planner.

I will post it as soon as I have it assembled!

Enjoy all of these wonderful FREE homeschool planners, and be sure to leave their creators a note of thanks if you use them! :)

*=newly-added links

Online Planners



Home School Inc

Homeschool Skedtrack

Homeschool Tracker

Printable Planners

*The Ultimate CM PLanner

*Plan & Record Ambleside Online Year 1

*An Intentional Life

*FreeHomeschoolDeals Planner

*Money Saving Mom

*Teaching My 3

*Quick Start Homeschool

Homeschool Launch 16 pages of files!!

Daily ToDo Sheet

Family Planner – 3 clock faces

Large Family Homeschool Forms

Printable Teacher Resources

That Resource Site

Hepburn Family Homepages

Busy Teacher’s Cafe

New Beginnings one of my faves

Simply Charlotte Mason

Donna Young small tabs at top

The Home School Mom

Hold That Thought

Long Range Plans

Curriculum for Life

Just Mommies

Oklahoma Homeschool

Chart Jungle

Notebooking Nook

Highland Homeschool

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Top 10 Must Have Items for Homeschooling

 This week’s 10 in 10 topic is Your top 10 must have Items!

{Not included: the Bible (essential for Life), the computer/internet (essential for Mommy’s sanity), or a printer/copier (essential for FREE homeschooling).}

Educating the WholeHearted Child  This is the only book that I won’t loan out! The Clarksons paint a beautiful picture of what I want our homeschool to be. It is filled with helpful advice and is saturated with scripture.

Ticonderoga Pencils  These write clearly and do not break easily! There are also big ones for the preschool crowd, and triangle ones that help beginner writers hold their pencil correctly. I have my own Teacher pencils with red & purple leads. (I purchase ours at Walmart & Mardel.)

Mini Dry Erase Boards    Each of my kiddos has a small dry erase board – found in the Target Dollar Spot every year at back-to-school time. They are free to use them at any time to practice subjects, or even just to doodle. You can play fun trivia games by having everyone write secretly their answers & seeing who was correct. And it will keep a preschooler busy for quite some time!

White Copy Paper  I allow the kids to use as much copy paper as they want, as long as they aren’t wasting it. They make books, signs for their bedroom doors, cards, watercolor pictures, and whatever else their imaginations dream up.

Playdoh  Who doesn’t love to play with Playdoh? Ours gets pulled out most often during winter when it is too cold to play outside.

Library Card  (I wonder if this is on all the lists? LOL) We are blessed with a wonderful library just down the street! My kids have total control of the books they check out (within the boundaries of what they are allowed to read). While they are browsing, I snag seasonal books and any that go along with our studies. I fill a big basket with my choices and sit it in the corner of the living room – it is amazing how interested the kids become when they don’t HAVE to read them!

Timers   I have a little basket filled with digital timers that I bought at Dollar Tree. We use these for keeping track of reading time or seeing how fast a math page can be finished.

Netflix Streaming  We only allow educational shows to be watched during school time, and Netflix has so much to offer!  The Blue Planet series is stunningly beautiful, and Creatures That Defy Evolution is simply amazing. I usually leave the room though, because their favorite shows tend to involve things like weird & freaky bugs. Ick!!

My Customized Planner  Y’all know my love of free stuff, so it should come as no surprise that I create my own homeschool planner using bits & pieces from this list of free homeschool planners. I will be sharing my 2012-2013 planner in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!!

LiveBinders   Oh how I adore LiveBinders! If you are not familiar, they are free online organizers. I use one for all of my Homeschool for Free links. I have seasonal LiveBinders to corral all of those great ideas I find on Pinterest. I also use them to plan out my curriculum for the year – check back next week to find out how!

Are any of these in your Top 10?

Homeschool for Free: Spelling

I did a little digging for you and came up with a few new ones!

Splashes from the River  30 weekly lessons

Spelling Connections  from Zaner-Bloser – worksheets, games, study helps

AAASpell  word lists for grades 1-8

Spelling City  interactive game & practice; use their lists or enter your own

Spell by Color  color-code spelling rules

Home Spelling Words  online practice; use their lists or enter your own

BigIQ Kids  online lessons, games, tests, spelling bee

K12 Reader  grades 1-5; worksheets & dictation sentences

Webster 1824 American Spelling Book  old book formatted by Don Potter

McGuffey’s Eclectic Spelling Book  another old school book

Spelling-Words-Well  PreK -9th; lots of resources here

See all of my Homeschool for FREE! posts HERE

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The Notebooking Publisher

I had a little (ok, BIG) project planned for summer: learn how to create my own notebooking pages!

I wanted pages that were very specific to what we will be studying next year, but I was NOT looking forward to the time involved.

I attended a little Facebook party on Tuesday night that changed my plans!    The party was to introduce The Notebooking Publisher.


The Notebooking Publisher has 100s of templates that will allow me to completely customize our pages. It is easy enough to use that my kids will even be able to create their own pages however they want!

But wait… there’s more! The Notebooking Publisher is part of the NotebookingPages Treasury Membership.

A Treasury Membership gives you access to everything on the NotebookingPages site.  EVERYTHING!

Your membership includes updates every 4-6 weeks. And get this – you ALWAYS have access to the pages. If your membership expires, you will no longer get the updates with new pages. Yearly renewal is only $29.95.

Through tomorrow (MAY 25th), the Treasury Membership is on sale for only $56.21 (25% off) when you use code happy6th  + get 3 months FREE!          (Publisher goes live in June)

I just purchased my membership & can’t wait to get started!!

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Top 10 Websites I Use for Homeschooling

I am participating in iHomeschool Network’s 10 in 10 Blog Hop!

This week is the Top 10 websites I use for homeschooling. Since my blog is all about free homeschool resources, it was really hard to choose!!

Activity Village – This is my go-to site for fun educational printables! They are constantly adding new pages and have something for just about every holiday.

KizClub – You have to pay attention on this site or you will miss some of the goodies. When you click on a category, a blue box will appear on the left with links to all the pages in that category. My favorite section is Stories & Props.

Little Giraffes – Great ideas for monthly themes!

SparkleBox –  There are so many printable units here! My favorites are the Creative Writing Templates.

A to Z Teacher Stuff – Lesson plans galore!

New Beginnings – Home to my favorite free homeschool planner. Check out their blog for some great freebies.

Teaching That Makes Sense – We have used several of these free writing guides.

Edupics – If you need a specific coloring page, you will probably find it here.

Nature Detectives – Wonderful printables & activities for your nature journal!

The Well-Trained Mind Forums – This place is a wealth of information and I have been gleaning from it for years.

Are you a link junky too? Check out my 20+ homeschool boards on Pinterest!!

What are your favorites?

Strong Women

I am surrounded by strong, Godly women: my mom, my mother-in-law, my aunt, my sister, my sisters-in-law. My daughters!

I realize what a blessing it is!!

Hubby & I were talking the other day about the beauty of God’s family and it got me starting thinking about all of the Strong Women who have touched my life over the years. Their influence has been priceless.

I was a senior in high school when I met Susan. Her husband Jack was our new youth minister and everyone instantly fell in love with her. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Because there were always kids terrorizing hanging around her house, she would just carry on with her household tasks. She showed me how she folded her towels so that they would fit in a narrow cabinet – I have folded my towels that way for 20 years now!

I met Jenny for the first time when I walked into her house for my wedding shower. (She was the wife of my fiance’s boss.) They were known at church as The Family with All Those Little Kids – a whopping FOUR adorable stair-steppers! When I was a young mom, Jenny was my encourager. She told me to view it as the Terrific Twos and not the Terrible Twos.  Invaluable!!

Amy and I worked together at a Christian bookstore. She was a little younger than me and customers often thought we were sisters. We spent our days chatting away about everything under the sun. I was raised in a conservative, sometimes narrow-minded denomination and (if I remember correctly) she was Pentecostal. I was shocked to discover that we held to many of the same Truths. She never knew (until now!) that she started me on my spiritual journey. I don’t even recognize the person I was then, though I wouldn’t change it if I could.

Angela & I became friends when we shared a room with a mutual friend at a Ladies Retreat. She was the first of my friends to have a baby and I will never forget visiting her in the hospital. I walked in the door and she immediately placed baby Sarah in my arms. I felt so honored! Angela has taught me what it is to be a fighter. She is fiercely loyal and deeply compassionate.

I met Tiersa at my wedding reception, not knowing then that we would be fast friends just a few years later. She is my Soul Sister. We had fun teaching preschool together, and meeting anywhere that had a playground so that we could sneak in a Bible study. She moved away, and though we still keep in touch via Facebook, there are some days that my heart longs for her company.

I can’t imagine what my life would look like had I never met Beverly. Her husband Rick was our new preacher. She taught me to be a warrior for my kids. I have heard her say at least 100 times that we have to be INTENTIONAL with our children. Beverly whispered words of encouragement to me through our son’s illness, not knowing that years later she would journey through the same darkness with the loss of her daughter. She continues to glorify God as He calls her to speak about their grief and tell her story.
“God has called our family to do hard, so we do hard.” ~Beverly Ross

Mary is my biggest cheerleader (outside of my family)! She is a Type-A June Cleaver Superwoman. We could not be more different. :)  Her children are grown & out of the house, and she relishes her new role as Nana. We have spent many years partnered in Women’s Ministry and know that we can rely on each other. She takes her role as an elder’s wife seriously as she encourages, advises, and instructs those of us who are in the midst of motherhood.

And then there is Kelli. She was a young mom & homeschooler when our paths first crossed. We are very different, yet very much the same. We no longer live near each other, but she still regularly impacts my life. She uses her gift of writing to stretch my faith and shower grace upon my thoughts. I am a better mother because she challenges me.

I am offering up these glimpses to encourage you to be a Strong Woman.      To show you that it doesn’t take much to change someone’s life.

Gently give some needed advice … Pour God’s word out over those you love … Cheer on sisters who are not as far along in their journey as you!!

Be Strong Women

Bible Verses for Preschoolers {Ephesians 6:1}

This is the second Bible verse that my preschool class has memorized. They are so proud and excited!!

Each child gets a laminated card to add to his/her ring.

I made a printable with 8 cards, if you would like to memorize with your littles!

You can download it HERE

{Feel free to share or pin, but please link to this post & not to the pdf.}

You can find all of the verses on the {Printables} tab at the top of the page.

Cut & Paste for 3-year-olds

My little Sweetpea loves to do school like the big kids.

She especially loves anything that involves getting to use a glue stick!

She will carefully apply the glue and line up her pictures just so.

Since the alternative to her being covered in glue is to tear through the house like a mini tornado, I give her Cut & Paste activities to work on while I am helping the older kids with math or reading.

I cut. She pastes :)

Big and Small Zoo Animals

Big and Small Pets

Cut & Paste Trees  middle of page

Whose Ears Are These?

What’s in the Refrigerator?

Make a Face

I am thinking about creating some of my own for her to work on. Is anyone interested in me sharing them here? Free, of course! 😉