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The Notebooking Publisher


I had a little (ok, BIG) project planned for summer: learn how to create my own notebooking pages!

I wanted pages that were very specific to what we will be studying next year, but I was NOT looking forward to the time involved.

I attended a little Facebook party on Tuesday night that changed my plans!    The party was to introduce The Notebooking Publisher.

The Notebooking Publisher has 100s of templates that will allow me to completely customize our pages. It is easy enough to use that my kids will even be able to create their own pages however they want!

But wait… there’s more! The Notebooking Publisher is part of the NotebookingPages Treasury Membership.

A Treasury Membership gives you access to everything on the NotebookingPages site.  EVERYTHING!

Your membership includes updates every 4-6 weeks. And get this – you ALWAYS have access to the pages. If your membership expires, you will no longer get the updates with new pages. Yearly renewal is only $29.95.

Through tomorrow (MAY 25th), the Treasury Membership is on sale for only $56.21 (25% off) when you use code happy6th  + get 3 months FREE!          (Publisher goes live in June)

I just purchased my membership & can’t wait to get started!!

{This post contains my affiliate link. Thank you!}

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2 thoughts on “The Notebooking Publisher

  1. Oh man…and just when I’d convinced myself that I would NEVER subscribe to another printable place too! Now I’m all tempted….

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