10 Reasons I Create My Own Curriculum

Create Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

This week’s 10 in 10 is reasons why you chose your homeschooling method.

I would describe my method as eclectic with a twist of Charlotte Mason. I am going to share 10 reasons why I put together my own curriculum each year!

1.  It is inexpensive! At least half of our subjects come from free internet resources.

2. I enjoy it! I taught preschool when my oldest were little bitty and discovered I love planning and gathering ideas.

3.  I am easily bored! Just being honest here. I never had ADD issues as a child, but I think I have developed some as an adult LOL. Some people like the routine of doing the same thing year after year. I like the fun of discovering something new. I have, however, learned to create some balance for the sake of my children. It would not be good for them if I were to change up every subject every year.

4.  I can add in a bit of fun!  If I am creating the plan, I can schedule in time for creativity. Things like making a brain hat, or a customized Trace Through the Year book, add bit of cheer to the day. (Some people can followed a purchased curriculum and still fit in the fun stuff on top of it, but I am not one of those people – I am easily overwhelmed and we never ended up having time for anything fun.)

5.  I can cover what I want, how I want! I can tailor our subjects to exactly what my kiddos need to know, or want to know.

6.  I can easily teach multiple ages! With 5 students, I try to do as many subjects together as we can. Planning my own curriculum makes it easy to adjust the activities for the different ages groups. I can teach science on a higher level and let the littles play with some critter cards. I can teach history on a lower lever and assign the older kids to research the culture.

7.  I can pull from different methods! We add in some Charlotte Mason with nature notebooks and Truthquest History. We print out free grammar workbooks. I don’t mess around with math, so we use Saxon & Teaching Textbooks. I can pick & choose according to what fits our needs and our budget.

8.  I can be flexible! Because I am creating my own lesson plans, I can structure them to fit our schedule. I decide exactly how many weeks we are spending on a topic, and fit it in around break weeks and holidays.

9. I can customize! My kids are very different (as most are). What works for one in 6th grade, for example,  doesn’t necessarily work for the next. By using as many free resources as possible, I can change it up for that next child without purchasing yet another expensive book.

10.  We can celebrate!  My family is big on holidays. We love to decorate and make the everyday special. I like to mix in a bit of Holiday Funschool in with our regular studies.

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