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Fun Summer Crafts


Our temps will soon be in the 100s every day, so I am making a craft store run this weekend to stock up on supplies for when it is too hot to go outside!

These are some of the crafts on our Summer Fun list:

Okra Stamps

Bouncy Balls

Weave a Jumprope

Foam Flyers

Beanbag Balls

Felt Farm Animals

Clothes Pin Wedding

Drinking Straw Flute

Avengers Bookmarks

Marshmallow Sculptures

Balloon Car

Light Up Fireflies

CD Hovercraft

Silly Putty


Want more ideas? Check out my Pinterest boards!

3 thoughts on “Fun Summer Crafts

  1. What fun projects! Your okra stamps are beautiful. You are truly creative. Thanks for all the ideas.

  2. A few of them look like they could be making it onto our summer list! Fun! Visiting from Blessed Beyond A Doubt.

  3. Oooooo, I am definitely going to be oing a few of those!

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