Homeschool for Free: Science

Explore the exciting world of Science with one of these great sites!

Science Discovery  (PreK-K)

Early Knowledge for Kids  (PreK-K)

Learning Page  (K-2)  need free membership to view units – oceans, zoo animals, dinosaurs, reptiles, insects, space

Science for Kids  (K-3)

Paso Partners  (K-3)

Planet Earth  (1-3)

Discovery School  (K-5)

4 2 eXplore  (K-6)

MS Nucleus  (K-6)

Biology 4 Kids  (K-6)

Chem 4 Kids  (K-6)

Physics 4 Kids  (K-6)

Cosmos 4 Kids  (K-6)

Earth Science 4 Kids  (K-6)

Elementary Life Science  (K-6)

Kids Biology  (K-6)

Kids Astronomy  (K-6)

Kids Geology  (K-6)

Astronomy Academy  (K-6)

Houghton-Mifflin Education Place  (K-6)

Astro-Adventure  (K-8)

Little Otter’s Anatomy  (K-6)

Design Squad  (3-6)

Optical Illusions/3D  (4-6)

Otter’s Anatomy  (4-8)

Otter’s Botany (4-8)

Otter’s Chemistry  (4-8)

The JASON Project  (5-8)  need to register

Smith Life Science  (6)

My Science Box  (6-8)

Middle School Chemistry  (6-8)

MS Nucleus (6-8)

Middle School Science  (6-8)

Online Learning Center  (6-8) Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Life, Physical, Physics – workbooks are in the right column

Food Science and Nutrition  (6-12)

CK-12 FlexBooks  (6-12)

Big Otter’s Anatomy  (9-12)

AP Biology  (9-12)

Khan Academy  (9-12)

MIT OpenCourseWare  (9-12)

Hippo Campus  (9-12)

Conceptual Chemistry Tutorials  (9-12)

TeachEngineering  (K-12)

Nutrients for Life  (K-12)

FREE Ed  (K-12)

Earth Science  (multiple ages)  scroll down

Neuroscience for Kids

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Your Grocery Budget Toolbox *Giveaway*

Do you ever decide to do a little project around the house, get frustrated when you can’t find all of the tools or supplies, and quit before you ever get started?

(What? That’s just me? Ok, then you’ll have to pretend! 😉 )

The same thing can happen when it comes to eating healthier. You decide to start feeding your family whole foods, go to the store and have a minor stroke over the price of healthy food, and quickly fall back into your old pattern of eating.

Your Grocery Budget Toolbox is going to teach you how to feed your family real food on a real budget!

I used to be a couponing pro, regularly saving 60-85% on my shopping trips. Those savings rapidly declined when we started transitioning to a whole food diet a few years ago. I plan my menu according to the weekly sales, and make the majority of our meals from scratch, but I know our grocery bill could be lower.

I was over-the-top excited when I started reading Your Grocery Budget Toolbox! Anne not only takes you step-by-step through the many ways you can save on healthy food, she also breaks each chapter down into specific details.

Take my favorite chapter for example: Sourcing Healthy Food

A lame ebook would simply list all of the stores that carry inexpensive organic foods. But this is no lame ebook, it is a Toolbox, and it lists exactly which organic items can be found cheapest at each store!

Every chapter is filled with valuable information!

  • Budget (how to make one, what you can afford on your budget, a sample $250/month budget, and more)
  • Price List (what it is, how it helps, how to make one, how to maintain)
  • Sourcing (a comprehensive review of sources – online and brick-and-mortar – for inexpensive healthy food)
  • Once-a-Month Shopping (maximizing your budget by shopping once a month)
  • Price Caps (learn how to set limits for how much you will spend on different items)
  • Coupons (can coupons be effective when shopping for healthy foods?)
  • Do it Yourself Foods (foods you can make yourself and save money)
  • Take it to the Next Level (develop frugal habits that will save you LOTS)
  • Saving Money in the Internet Era (frugal hacks from the modern age of internet and social media)
  • Resources
  • Printables

There are several challenges in the book, and I decided to take the Once-a-Month Shopping Challenge. I know that fewer trips to the store will add up to bigger savings each month.

Here is my best guess of (some of) what my family of 7 eats in a month:

  • eggs – 6 dozen
  • milk – 18 gallons (wowsers)
  • bread – 6 loaves
  • pasta – 6 lbs
  • rice – 2 lbs
  • produce – 20+ lbs
  • flour – 4 lbs
  • sweetener – 2 lbs
  • meat  – 20+ lbs
  • butter – 6 lbs
  • oatmeal – 2 lbs

I will be using several of the challenges in Your Grocery Budget Toolbox over the next month to help me figure out my Once-a-Month Shopping plan.

You can purchase Your Grocery Budget Toolbox for only &4.99!

Even better, order by July 24th and save 20% off with this code: wandering

Feel free to go ahead and buy yours now because you will get a refund if you win the giveaway!!

Giveaway Rules

closed – winner announced on Tuesday!!

(Leave one comment listing everything you completed)

Mandatory: Leave a comment telling whether you are a.) a whole foods wannabe, b.) a whole foods newbie, or c.) a whole foods fanatic

Extra Entries

Giveaway ends on Monday, July 23rd!

This post contains my affiliate link, but I would be crazy about this super-duper ebook even if it didn’t. 😀

Mega List of Books for Sale

{I will be adding a little more over the next couple of days.}

Can you tell I just finished organizing the schoolbook shelves? :)

Be sure to check out my Want-to-Buy List at the bottom!

  • Paypal accepted
  • prices include media mail shipping
  • from a non-smoking home
  • items in good used condition unless stated
  • leave a comment on this post stating the items you wish to purchase, or any questions you have

Student of the Word Year 1 $75 ppd  vgc -includes

  • Teacher Edition
  • Resource Edition
  • Worksheets
  • Audio Tape
  • Understanding the Call to Discipleship dvd

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Bible Based Homeschooling Robin Sampson $16 ppd  vgc   SOLD

A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays  Robin Sampson $16 ppd
markings on top of book; inside is in vgc

A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth Ann Voskamp  $9 ppd  (older edition) shelf wear on cover; pages in vgc

Over Our Heads In Wonder; Science & the Sky Esther Yant $6 ppd  vgc

Bigger Hearts for His Glory  Heart of Dakota  $45 ppd  vgc   SOLD

Drawn Into the Heart of Reading Student Book Level 2-3 $12 ppd Heart of Dakota   vgc; spine cut off & pages hole punched (professionally)   SOLD

Drawn Into the Heart of Reading Student Book Level 4-5  $15 ppd Heart of Dakota   vgc; spine cut off & pages hole punched (professionally) SOLD

Artistic Pursuits gr.4-6 book 1  $25 ppd  vgc   SOLD

Seasons of Faith Series book & CD (2009) $20 ppd vgc, CDs never used

  • Race with Midnight (Spring)
  • You Can’t Come In (Summer)
  • Seventy Times Seven (Fall)
  • Braving the Storm (Winter)

Write Source 2000    $10 ppd  vgc

Writers Express   $10 ppd  vgc

Trail Guide to World Geography  $8 ppd vgc

History for Little Pilgrims  $6ppd crease in cover; pages in vgc

The Light and the Glory History Bundle  $22 ppd

Go For It! child’s planner,devotional  $8 ppd

Saxon Math 7/6 Solutions Manual  $10 ppd  wear on cover & spine; pages in vgc

Easy Grammar Plus   $12 ppd  vgc

Autumn Bundle  $15 ppd

Christmas Bundle $18 ppd

Simply Grammar $6 ppd -shelf wear on cover; pages in great condition

Family Math $8 ppd -shelf wear on cover; pages in great condition SOLD

Writing Strands Level 3 $8 ppd  vgc

Basic Math Word Problem Tutor DVD $10 ppd (see my review here)

Saxon Math 1 workbook part two  $5 ppd

Bible Verse Coloring Pages 2  $6 ppd 

Books for Mom $5 ppd for 1, or $4 ea. w/any other purchase

Teacher Resource Books & Misc.  $4.50 ppd for 1, or $3 ea. w/any other purchase

~Want to Buy~

**I tried to link everything to the exact version.

Thanks for Looking!!

Browse the Used Curriculum Sale @ The Happy Housewife!

Our 2012-2013 Curriculum

I still have some tweaking to do to our curriculum plan, but getting it down in print will hopefully help me get the loose ends tied up!

We will also be doing a Theme of the Day activity. I created this last year (see this post), and am now working on this year’s plan based on what did/didn’t work.

Here is our Theme of the Day schedule for this year:

  • Monday with the Masters
  • Creativity Tuesday
  • Writer’s Workshop Wednesday
  • Poetry Tea Thursday
  • Nature Fun Friday

Our students: dd15 (10th), dd13 (8th), ds9 (4th), dd7 (2nd), dd3 (PreK)

Because we overlap our curriculum into several age groups, I am listing by subjects instead of by grades.


~World History~






(We have a weekly Poetry Tea – more on that later!)



(books still to be determined)


(undecided for older kids)





Note: We don’t use all of these free lessons. I pick & choose whatever goes with our studies. Didn’t want you to think we homeschool 24/7! 😉

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Creatively Organize Your Homeschool

I’ve been collecting all of these clever ideas on my Pinterest boards.

Add a little pizazz to your homeschool!

{If you would like to Pin some of these great ideas, please first follow the link to the original post.}

Colorful Crate Cubbies

Duct Tape/File Folder Hanging Organizer

Toolbox Organizer

Seasonal Storage Boxes

Storing Printables

Ziploc Quilt for Artwork

Baggies in a Binder

Wooden Puzzle Storage

Learning Spaces in Small Places – rich with ideas!

Do you have a Homeschool Organization board on Pinterest?

Please leave a link!

Back to (Home) School: Our Students

I mention my kiddos from time to time, but it has been a long time since I talked about them individually! They have grown a bit. 😉

{Funny Girl-15}

Funny Girl is my responsible rule follower. She sees the world in black & white. She is laid-back and inherited her parents’ sarcasm gene. She would be perfectly content living in the world of Jane Austen. Her current interest is learning how to breed and raise cockatiels.

{Ms. Creativity-13}

Ms. Creativity is my free-spirited artist. She is a happy helper, and prefers pretty over practical. Her favorite color is sparkles. She will choose a paintbrush over a book any day. Her current interest is drawing & watercolors.

{Warrior Boy-9}

Warrior Boy is my man-in-training. He is his daddy’s shadow. You will usually find him in the middle of a Nerf weapon war with the neighborhood boys. His tender side comes out whenever there is a baby nearby. His current interest is carving & whittling.


Sassyfrass is my social butterfly. She never meets a stranger and never stops talking. She is compassionate and doesn’t let anyone cry alone.  Her current interest is creating & illustrating books to trade with her buddy next door.


Sweetpea is my non-stop bundle of fun. Her job is to entertain her siblings and give her parents near-heart attacks. It is never a good thing if she is missing and it is quiet. Her current interest is stickers.

{The Teacher & The Principal}

We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this Fall. We have almost nothing in common but enjoy every minute that we are together. 😀    We have been through the fire and, by the grace & mercy of God,  have a life filled with joyful blessings.

So there you have it…the students & staff of The Way Home Learning Center. Thanks for stopping by!!

p.s. There is a book titled The Way Home, but our school name is from the book of Acts, which talks about followers of The Way.


Mapping Out Your Homeschool Year

We have talked about things to consider before you start planning, the benefits of piecing together your own curriculum, and how to use a LiveBinder to organize ideas.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and put together a plan!

{Step 1: Map Out Your Subjects}

You need to decide what subjects each child will be studying this year.

I usually draw up a grid with my kids’ names across the top and all of the subjects down the side. This time around, I actually created a planner page.

There are several tools to help you choose your subjects:

  • Use a scope & sequence
  • Look up the website for your city’s school district (type the name of your city, followed by ISD, into a search engine). High School will be found under Graduation Requirements. Elementary & Middle might require a little hunting – look for these key words: Curriculum, Courses, Instructional Map
  • Browse through homeschool catalogs
  • Ignore all of the above & pick whatever subjects you want!

{Step 2: Write Down What You Know}

Start filling in your chart with the names of resources that you already know you want use: books, websites, freebies, classes

(hmmm, maybe I need to add my name to the Handwriting section)

You will probably be left with several blanks scattered throughout your chart. Don’t be discouraged, these blanks are very helpful!

They show you what subjects you need to:

  • purchase
  • research
  • find for free
  • create
  • combine for the whole family

{Step 3: Fill in the Blanks}

Now the fun begins! It is time to start searching for goodies to fill in all those blanks.

I like to use as many freebies as possible, but you choose whatever floats your boat!

I use all of these to fill in my chart:

And there you have it! Those are the basic steps I take to create a plan for each school year.

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