Your Grocery Budget Toolbox *Giveaway*

Do you ever decide to do a little project around the house, get frustrated when you can’t find all of the tools or supplies, and quit before you ever get started?

(What? That’s just me? Ok, then you’ll have to pretend! 😉 )

The same thing can happen when it comes to eating healthier. You decide to start feeding your family whole foods, go to the store and have a minor stroke over the price of healthy food, and quickly fall back into your old pattern of eating.

Your Grocery Budget Toolbox is going to teach you how to feed your family real food on a real budget!

I used to be a couponing pro, regularly saving 60-85% on my shopping trips. Those savings rapidly declined when we started transitioning to a whole food diet a few years ago. I plan my menu according to the weekly sales, and make the majority of our meals from scratch, but I know our grocery bill could be lower.

I was over-the-top excited when I started reading Your Grocery Budget Toolbox! Anne not only takes you step-by-step through the many ways you can save on healthy food, she also breaks each chapter down into specific details.

Take my favorite chapter for example: Sourcing Healthy Food

A lame ebook would simply list all of the stores that carry inexpensive organic foods. But this is no lame ebook, it is a Toolbox, and it lists exactly which organic items can be found cheapest at each store!

Every chapter is filled with valuable information!

  • Budget (how to make one, what you can afford on your budget, a sample $250/month budget, and more)
  • Price List (what it is, how it helps, how to make one, how to maintain)
  • Sourcing (a comprehensive review of sources – online and brick-and-mortar – for inexpensive healthy food)
  • Once-a-Month Shopping (maximizing your budget by shopping once a month)
  • Price Caps (learn how to set limits for how much you will spend on different items)
  • Coupons (can coupons be effective when shopping for healthy foods?)
  • Do it Yourself Foods (foods you can make yourself and save money)
  • Take it to the Next Level (develop frugal habits that will save you LOTS)
  • Saving Money in the Internet Era (frugal hacks from the modern age of internet and social media)
  • Resources
  • Printables

There are several challenges in the book, and I decided to take the Once-a-Month Shopping Challenge. I know that fewer trips to the store will add up to bigger savings each month.

Here is my best guess of (some of) what my family of 7 eats in a month:

  • eggs – 6 dozen
  • milk – 18 gallons (wowsers)
  • bread – 6 loaves
  • pasta – 6 lbs
  • rice – 2 lbs
  • produce – 20+ lbs
  • flour – 4 lbs
  • sweetener – 2 lbs
  • meat  – 20+ lbs
  • butter – 6 lbs
  • oatmeal – 2 lbs

I will be using several of the challenges in Your Grocery Budget Toolbox over the next month to help me figure out my Once-a-Month Shopping plan.

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