Homeschool for Free: Science

Explore the exciting world of Science with one of these great sites!

Science Discovery  (PreK-K)

Early Knowledge for Kids  (PreK-K)

Learning Page  (K-2)  need free membership to view units – oceans, zoo animals, dinosaurs, reptiles, insects, space

Science for Kids  (K-3)

Paso Partners  (K-3)

Planet Earth  (1-3)

Discovery School  (K-5)

4 2 eXplore  (K-6)

MS Nucleus  (K-6)

Biology 4 Kids  (K-6)

Chem 4 Kids  (K-6)

Physics 4 Kids  (K-6)

Cosmos 4 Kids  (K-6)

Earth Science 4 Kids  (K-6)

Elementary Life Science  (K-6)

Kids Biology  (K-6)

Kids Astronomy  (K-6)

Kids Geology  (K-6)

Astronomy Academy  (K-6)

Houghton-Mifflin Education Place  (K-6)

Astro-Adventure  (K-8)

Little Otter’s Anatomy  (K-6)

Design Squad  (3-6)

Optical Illusions/3D  (4-6)

Otter’s Anatomy  (4-8)

Otter’s Botany (4-8)

Otter’s Chemistry  (4-8)

The JASON Project  (5-8)  need to register

Smith Life Science  (6)

My Science Box  (6-8)

Middle School Chemistry  (6-8)

MS Nucleus (6-8)

Middle School Science  (6-8)

Online Learning Center  (6-8) Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Life, Physical, Physics – workbooks are in the right column

Food Science and Nutrition  (6-12)

CK-12 FlexBooks  (6-12)

Big Otter’s Anatomy  (9-12)

AP Biology  (9-12)

Khan Academy  (9-12)

MIT OpenCourseWare  (9-12)

Hippo Campus  (9-12)

Conceptual Chemistry Tutorials  (9-12)

TeachEngineering  (K-12)

Nutrients for Life  (K-12)

FREE Ed  (K-12)

Earth Science  (multiple ages)  scroll down

Neuroscience for Kids

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