Things Get Exciting with Esther

My kids LOVE the story of Esther!

It has all the makings of a great adventure: a queen-in-training, bravery, suspense, secret plots, saving the kingdom

And running through it all is the thread of Faithfulness.

Esther teaches us that God has a plan, and we have a purpose. We must not be afraid to do what is right, and what we are called to do.

Grapevine Studies makes it easy to share the story of Esther with your family by simply drawing colorful stick figures. The Teacher Book has step-by-step instructions, making this an open-&-go curriculum.

Grapevine Studies has several Old Testament and New Testament studies that offer a fun way to teach Bible as a part of your homeschool, or to do as a family during an evening devotional time.

Take a look at how our family uses Grapevine Studies before bedtime.

Some of the studies have multiple levels. Here is some info from the website to help you choose a level that is a perfect fit for your family:

  • The Beginners program focuses on the main accounts of the Bible. Beginners draw two drawings per page.
  • Level 1 students are introduced to the Bible timeline and continue to learn about the major characters and events of the Bible. Level 1 students draw four drawings per page.
  • Level 2 students read more Scripture and memorize additional Bible facts. In addition to memory verses, Level 2 students also learn: Books of the Old Testament, Ten Commandments, Twelve Sons of Jacob, Books of the New Testament, The Twelve Apostles, The Apostles Creed
  • Level 3 students learn basic biblical geography and read more Scripture than the previous levels. The stick figures for Level 3 are more detailed, adding names of people and cities.
  • Level 4 students learn where the books of the Bible fit into the Bible timeline. Students also learn how to use Bible study tools including a Bible concordance, Bible dictionary, and topical Bible.
  • Level 5 studies are self-directed and do not include stick figures. In Level 5, students use inductive Bible study skills and do hands-on projects and research topics related to each lesson.

Do you have kids in multiple levels? The Level 3-4 teacher manual can also be used to teach Levels 1 and 2 by simplifying the drawings and using the Scripture reading from the oldest student book you are teaching.

Look for the purple box under each book to view a sample.

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Stick figure your way through the Bible with Grapevine Studies!!

I received a free Esther eBook for this review as a member of the Grapevine Studies Blog Team. No other compensation was given.

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