How’s It Goin’?

Just popping in to say

Howdy! How’s it goin’?

We started school this week, and it has gone great, but MAN I’m tired!!

I can get up early…it’s the going to bed early that I can’t seem to master.

So how about you? Have you started homeschooling already? Or sending your littles out the door in their cute backpacks with their even-cuter lunch bags?

Seriously? That is one of the things I struggled with when I first started homeschooling –>  I wanted, but couldn’t justify buying, the adorable backpacks  & lunch kits. Oh, and my kids would never win cool ribbons at field day either. How silly is that? (Please tell me you have struggled with  that. :-D)

No matter how you educate your kiddos, I hope you have a blessed school year!


  1. Joy says

    I decided to buy the cute backpack and lunch bag and min use it when we go to co-op classes or when we go anywhere. This way they don’t feel left out of (what they think is all the fun) I also give my kids awards that I get at dollar tree that look like an award ribbon but they are stickers. They say either “great work” or “star of the week” and they can wear them or put them on one of their folders. I don’t give them out all the time, so they get really excited when they get them

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