Large Family Easter Baskets

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A Large Family Easter Basket

Our Easter celebrations have very little to do with the Easter Bunny these days, but my kids still enjoy getting a basket filled with goodies. I realized several years ago, when we only had 4 littles, that I could not keep up with the expense & sheer quantity of little junky trinkets that went along with filling traditional baskets.

I decided to switch to one family basket instead. I think our first one was in a wicker laundry basket. (And yes, I had to dump the laundry out to use it!) The beauty of this is that I can fill the basket with larger items for the entire group. I usually try to stick with things that can be played with outside. Last year, I bought a big colorful tub for our Easter basket that we then used on the patio to store the outdoor toys.

Outside Play Ideas:

Some years we go with nature-themed items like a backyard bug vacuum. And we still talk about the year we got a live butterfly garden. Check Dollar Tree (or probably any dollar store) for bug houses, butterfly nets, magnifiers, and more.

Large Family Easter Basket

All these toys were from the Target toy clearance sale!

More Dollar Store Ideas for the Family:

  • jacks
  • play dough
  • glow sticks
  • silly putty
  • hula hoops
  • pool toys
  • gardening tools
  • stickers
  • puzzles
  • coloring books

Each child also gets a chocolate cross or bunny, then I add a few other candies like Peeps and their favorite jelly beans. In addition, I try to pick up a couple of things in the after-Christmas clearance sales. Stocking stuffers work great for Easter baskets if you take them out of the packaging.

On years when we have some extra $$, I throw in a movie or game. A dig through the $5 bin at Walmart can turn up some classics.

A Few of Our Favorite Movies:

Games We Love:

I can put together a large basket for under $25 and my kiddos love it. That is less than $5 per child, which wouldn’t go very far in an individual basket.

My favorite thing about changing to one basket is that it emphasizes something very important to our family –> that we share with each other and enjoy life together!

Do you have an Easter basket for each child, or one for the whole family?

What do you typically put in yours?


Click Here for More Large Family Easter Basket Filler Ideas


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Funschool: Eggs

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Funschool Eggs

Welcome to Funschool, a weekly list of FREE educational lesson plans and printables built around a seasonal theme!

This week’s theme is Eggs.

The Good Egg Project

EGGucation Resources

4-H Embryology

An Egg Is Quiet

An Egg Is Quiet Activity Guide


Egg Fun Activities

Egg Natures Perfect Package

Science of Eggs

40 Easter Egg Experiments


The Pinkish Purplish Bluish Egg

Exploratorium: Eggs

Egg Education Posters

Embryology in the Classroom

Rechenkas Eggs

Rechenka’s Eggs Unit Study

E is for Egg

Egg Worksheets

An Extraordinary Egg

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Eggs

Types of Eggs Fact Sheet


The Talking Eggs

Egg Geodes

Egg Grab ‘N’ Grade Game

Eggville Escapades

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Lead Me to the Cross ~ FREE Easter Activities for Kids

 Lead Me to the Cross

As I was putting this list together, a song we sing in Sunday worship kept running through my head …Lead me to the cross, where Your love poured out”.

These wonderful FREE Easter resources were lovingly created for you to use with your kiddos in the days leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

Preschool Easter Story Eggs

The True Meaning of Easter children’s book

Resurrection Coloring Pages
Easter Resurrection Coloring Pages

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Jesus and the Last Supper – Passover Object Lesson

Awesome Salvation Object Lesson for Kids

6 Art Projects Leading to the Cross

Easter Story Coloring Sheets

Resurrection Day Spelling Test Printables

resurrection day unit study
Resurrection Day Unit Study

Resurrection Day Activity Placemats

Resurrection Day Coloring Pages

Resurrection Day Mini Puzzle Unit

Easter Resurrection Day Craft

Cross Fingerprint Craft

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