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Homeschool for Free: Foreign Language

free foreign language curriculum

I am amazed at the number of free foreign language courses available. And I am not even finished with this list! Are you looking for a language that is not on this page? Leave me a comment and I will do my best to find it for you.

ASL University

Introduction to Arabic

Learn Croatian

French in Action  Yale

Lexique FLE

To Learn French

French Assistant

French Games

Français interactif’  University of Texas

Elementary French I & II  Carnagie Mellon University

Basic German Language Skills

Mission Berlin

Slow German

Textkit Greek & Latin

Learn Greek

Classical Greek Online

Ancient Greek with Thrasymachus

Learning Greek Podcasts


Let’s Learn Hungarian!

Icelandic Online  run by the University of Iceland Language Centre

Oggi E Domani  Italian

Italy Heritage

Visualizing Japanese Grammar

Fresh Korean

Native Languages of the Americas

Cherokee Nation

Russian for Free

123 Teach Me Spanish 

Spanish Made Easy

Online Free Spanish  good for younger kids

Spanish Flashcards

Don Quixote

Spanish Online


Study Spanish

Spanish Language Practice  Bowdoin College

Education First  German, French, Italian

Georgia Virtual Learning  Spanish, German, French, Latin

Duolingo  Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese

BBC Languages  multiple

Memrise  multiple

Lingo Jingo  multiple

Language Podcasts  multiple

Surface Languages  multiple

MIT Foreign Languages  multiple 

Learn a Language  8 languages

Livemocha  35 languages

Byki  50+ languages

Busuu  12 languages

FSI Language Courses  40+ languages

Free Language  30+ languages

Internet Polyglot  35+ languages

Fictional Languages, For you Out-of-the-Boxers:

Languages of Middle Earth

The Klingon Language Institute

Atlantean Language Institute

Na’vi (Avatar)

Don’t forget to check the online resources at you local library!

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Homeschool for Free: Unit Studies

free unit studies

Unit Studies are great for hands-on learning, or for combining subjects for several kids!

Easy Fun School

Fun Christian Homeschooling Unit Studies

Homeschool Share

A to Z Teacher Stuff

Online Units by G. Miller

LaCelle Family Homeschool Unit Studies

Homeschool Helper Online

Cindy Downes’ Unit Studies

Dynamic 2 Moms


Stone Soup

Highland Heritage Homeschool Homeschooling

Crosswalk Unit Studies

School Express

FamilyClassroom Free Unit Studies

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Review & MEGA Giveaway: Philosophy Adventure

This post contains affiliate links. I received a free copy of Philosophy Adventure  for the purpose of giving my honest review.

Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates is a brand new curriculum from Stacy Farrell. I introduced it to you a couple of months ago, and now we have had time to really dig in and see how it works. You are going to love it!

Complete-Set.Med_Before I share my thoughts on this curriculum, let me give you a little glimpse into what I look for when choosing courses for my kids. I don’t want to waste our time with busywork, so mindless worksheets and pointless assignments are out. If the text is so dull that my eyes want to roll back in my head, I am not going to make my kids plow through it. This sometimes proves to be a problem when searching for upper level courses.

That’s not a problem with Philosophy Adventure! The text is engaging, the book is visually stunning, and the assignments are meaty yet broken down into bite-sized sections so my girls don’t feel overwhelmed. Stacy Farrell challenges my kids to stretch their brains with deep thoughts, but she doesn’t just leave them there. She cheers them on to try hard and to always be ready to give an account of what they believe.


Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates introduces us to Eight Famous Philosophers:

  • Thales
  • Pythagorus
  • Xenophanes
  • Heraclitus
  • Parmenides
  • Empedocles
  • Protagorus
  • Democritus

After reading about the life & times of each philosopher, we get to read one of his actual writings. That writing is compared and contrasted with a biblical worldview. Each lesson is divided into three assignments: Write, Think, and Speak


The thing I love most about this curriculum is the ease of use! Each assignment is broken down into very specific tasks, and they are color-coded to match the reading. The digital student book allows my girls to type & print their work. (Because handwriting the answers is soooooo torturous and out-dated, you know. ;))

A breakdown of the Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates set:

  • Reader – Philosopher stories, images, geography, biblical worldview, lessons and assignments
  • Student Workbook – Notebook pages, mapping, writing journal, and the most amazing writing checklists EVER!
  • Teacher Resources - Memory cards, timeline, maps & keys, quiz keys, instructions

Depending on how you choose to use it, Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates offers .25-.5 high school credit in these areas:

  • English Composition
  • World History/Geography
  • Speech/Communications
  • Logic/Critical Thinking

I want to leave you with one last observation. Stacy Farrell, the author, loves Jesus. I have had the privilege of interacting with her over the last few months and she believes what she writes. She has prayed over this study and for the ones who will read it. What a blessing!

Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates comes in four formats:

  • $89.95 Print Reader, Print Student Workbook, Digital Teacher’s Resources on CD
  • $69.95 Print Reader, Digital Student Workbook on CD, Digital Teacher’s Resources on CD
  • $49.95 Digital Reader on CD, Digital Student Workbook on CD, Digital Teacher’s Resources on CD
  • $39.95 Reader Digital Download, Student Workbook Digital Download, Teacher’s resources Digital Download

I recommend the $69.95 option. The readings and assignments are placed opposite each other in the Print Reader, but you will have to line them up yourself with the Digital Reader. View a SAMPLE of the first lesson.

** I have some fantastic coupons code for you if you order by August 7th! **
They are good for any of the Home School Adventure Co. products.

BACK-TO-SCHOOL-10 saves you 10% off any print edition

BACK-TO-SCHOOL-25 saves you 25% of any digital resource

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Giveaway is open to US residents and ends August 31st

As part of the Philosophy Adventure Launch Team, I received a copy of Philosophy Adventure in exchange for my honest review and the opportunity to participate in related giveaways and social media promotions. All opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC guidelines.


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