Why This Frugal Mom Wants a Kiwi Crate Subscription

I received a free kit for the purpose of giving my honest opinion; a positive review was not required. I was compensated for my time.

Reasons to Buy a Kiwi Crate Subscription

I first heard about Kiwi Crate craft boxes a couple of years ago. I am a cheap frugal personal and was skeptical that the craft kits were worth the subscription price. Were they filled with the same supplies that I could find at Dollar Tree? I was excited for the opportunity to do a review because it would give me the chance to check it out. 

Some background info on me:

I’ve mentioned before that I am not a super-crafty mom. I really enjoy doing crafts with my kids, but the prep work, and the controlled chaos, can stress me out.

This is what my process usually looks like:

  1. Get on Pinterest to look for kid’s craft ideas.
  2. Spend wayyyyyy too much time PINNING ALL THE THINGS!
  3. Make a list of supplies needed.
  4. Search for digital 40% coupon for craft store.
  5. Get to the store and realize I left the list at home. Try to remember what it said.
  6. Get home to find I forgot that one absolutely necessary item.
  7. Go back to the store. On the bright side, I get to use another coupon!
  8. Get on Pinterest AGAIN because I didn’t print out the instructions the first time. 
  9. Hunt down the vinyl tablecloth so we don’t ruin the table.
  10. Pre-cut anything the 5 yr old can’t do alone.
  11. Make strong coffee. Breathe into a paper bag, if needed.

Opening the Kiwi Crate

I wasn’t sure what we would discover when we opened our box. My girls flipped the lid and were thrilled to find a Wonders of Water Kit. I’m not sure I can convey with just words how impressed I am with the contents. (Come on over. We’ll chat. I’ll use my hands.)

I assumed it would contain some adorable craft projects, but I wasn’t expecting all of the extras.

Things I Didn’t Expect Out of Our Kiwi Crate:

~ It contains Every Single Thing needed for the activities, except a penny and water. And I mean everything … scissors, markers, paint, spray bottle, clay, even a little plastic cup. There is also a big paper Mess Mat to protect the table. 

Kiwi Box

~ These are high quality products. You know that cheap-o art set that goes on sale every Black Friday for $2.99? That’s not what is in this box. Even the spray bottle was nice & durable!


~A Kiwi Crate is not just for crafts. This part puts a smile on a homeschooling momma’s face. There were several water-themed science experiments that we did while we were waiting for the crafts to dry. Wasn’t expecting science experiments!

Sea Creatures

~ Every part of the kit is used. The inside of the box has a scene that can be colored. On the back of the green cardboard cover page are cute little characters to color, cut out, and stand up in front of the box scene.


My girls had a great time working on their crafts. We received a kit for two kids, but I think there is plenty in one kit to share if you need to. A single Wonders of Water kit has four sea creatures and three boat sails to decorate. The experiments can be done by a whole group of kids.

I went from wondering why anyone would pay for a craft kit TO telling everyone who can afford it to get a Kiwi Crate subscription. Sometimes frugal living means carefully choosing to use extra funds on a quality product that brings joy to your family instead of wasting money on cheap junk. 

The Kiwi Crate Subscription Nitty-Gritty

A monthly subscription (meaning billed monthly) is $19.95 with free shipping. You can purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription at a discount. A sibling add-on is $9.95 a month. 

A new themed box arrives on your doorstep each month. You can also purchase single crates without a subscription, but you will pay for shipping.

Are We There Yet? readers can use code BTS25 to save 25% off your 1st month subscription to Kiwi Crate. New subscribers also receive free shipping PLUS a bonus welcome kit.

Be sure to keep up with new Kiwi Crate products through one of these:

Google Plus



Skrafty Homeschool Minecraft Classes Review & Giveaway

I received free classes in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

SKrafty Reviews and Giveaways


It’s back to school time, and for homeschool families – that means gathering curriculum, planning and finding new ways to inspire kids in their studies. SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft is the perfect way to add the fun and inspiration you need.

This fall, the class line up is spectacular! If you need homeschool math, science, bible, history, language arts or more . . . you are in for a treat. Using some of your favorite homeschool curriculum companies (including Apologia Science, Mystery of History, and A+ Interactive Math) you’ll learn to incorporate Minecraft projects into your family homeschool.

SKrafty Classes

See all the new classes SKrafty has to offer HERE

Find out more about the fully monitored SKrafty Minecraft server where it is safe for your family and children – and get whitelisted for FREE right HERE.

SKrafty is specially designed and the rules are constructed to encourage good sportsmanship – with no griefing allowed, no bad language or ugly talk, and no sharing of outside links to protect your children. See a full list of rules HERE.

What other parents are saying about SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft:

“Since starting Skrafty my son has blossomed. His typing has gotten a lot better. School work is not a chore any more I just give him the list of what needs to be done and he does it. He finds the lessons entertaining and engaging and he loves the activities that go along with them. We are all very grateful for Skrafty.” ~ Cheryl J.

“My son enjoys playing on Skrafty with other kids and I love that it is a safe, moderated Minecraft server! While playing on Skrafty he has learned creative building, developed critical thinking skills, made friends, and learned to be a team player. The classes have been fun and the reading program has encouraged him to read more than ever. Skrafty has been such a blessing to our family!” ~Julie B.

Special needs learning:

“Skrafty has been a huge blessing to our family! My son with dyslexia is not only learning but enjoying learning!!!! His reading and writing have developed more with Skrafty than any other program we have used. The classes are engaging because they are so hands on and truly turn learning into an adventure. I so highly recommend Skrafty!” ~ Caroline D.

 What we learned:

My 11 yr. old son is a Minecraft fanatic. He watches the how-to videos, reads the ebooks, and plays online with friends whenever he gets a chance. We strictly limit play time during the school year, so you can imagine how excited he was when he discovered that he could take a Skrafty class and it could be added to his homeschool portfolio. We chose the Anatomy for Kids class to complement our Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology course. Each week has a lesson, videos, and an assigned structure be built in Minecraft. It is a self-paced class, so the work could be done whenever it was convenient for us. I printed out the diagram for my son to use as a guide. 

This is his labeled skeleton:

minecraft skeleton

The Skrafty Minecraft Server is such a blessing for our family! All players are whitelisted before being allowed on the server. What that means is that the admins check to see if a person as ever been banned on another server before allowing him to join. The chat feature screens out coarse language. There are so many inappropriate sites out there, and I love not having to monitor my kids’ game time. There is also a helpful Facebook group for the server.


Extremely affordable classes (between $6.99 – $32.00) make it easy to add creativity and excitement into your education at home. Sign up HERE for live classes or self-paced classes and begin your journey into the world of homeschool Minecraft with SKrafty.

Giveaway Companies – Multiple Winners!

SKrafty Giveaways


Check out all the wonderful companies and prizes you can win for your family homeschool:

3 SKrafty Fall Classes – Value up to $32 each

Mystery of History Volume 1,2, or 3 & Super Supplemental – Value $150

A+ Interactive Math – Family Package for 3 Students – Value $450

Adventures In ChildRearing – Wildlife Adventures bundle- Value $27.99

We Choose Virtues – Homeschool Kit – Value $98.99

Sidetracked Sarah – Crockpot Freezer Meals 3 pack – Value $8.97

Moore Family Films – ABC Say it With Me – Value $15.99

Not Consumed – Back to School 4 Pack – Value $12.50

Teach Them Diligently – Family Pass to 1 Convention – Value $65

Homeschool Adventure Co. – Philippians in 28 Weeks – Value $18.95

Media Angels – Homeschool Moms Rescue Set – Value $9.99

A Journey Through Learning Math Lapbook Value$15.00

Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace Jr. – Value $24.95


Enter with 1 entry or enter with them all:


Do you have a Minecraft fan? Sign up for a Fall Skrafty class today!


{Review} Tales of the Wovlen: The Dragon’s Son

tales of the wovlen

While movies like The Lord of the Rings are at the top of my list, I usually stay away from fantasy novels. I’ve started to read a few over the years, but rarely finished because the names were impossible to pronounce, the “good guys” were too dark, and the fantasy worlds were so over-the-top that I couldn’t engage with the story.

I pretty much ignored Tales of the Wovlen: The Dragon’s Son when I heard about it. I had given up on fantasy books, remember? But something kept pulling me back to this one. My curiosity got the best of me when the book’s editor commented on how good it was (and she’s not one to say it if it’s not true).

First, a little intro:

“After the brutal massacre in his village, a broken, grieving boy chooses to live with a golden dragon in the wild rather than go to the mountains to be with his own people. If only he had known then what that simple choice meant… Thirteen years later, Keegan, no longer a boy, learns that his younger sister survived the massacre and so sets off to be reunited with her. When Keegan accidentally interrupts a plot against a princess, what should have been a fairly simple trip turns into a complicated struggle for survival. A mysterious elder appears, full of wit and riddle. Mythical monsters shed their fictional skin and hungrily pursue Keegan and his dragon. Haunting nightmares begin to tear at his mind. As he continues on his quest to be reunited with his sister, Keegan is only just beginning to understand what it means to be The Dragons Son.”

I have one main requirement for a fiction book if an author wants me to finish it- I must be able to create the story in my mind as I read. Kathryn Fogleman certainly delivered in this area! Her attention to detail allowed me to imagine the scenery and the action with ease. The characters are intriguing as well.

I am not a fan of blood, gore, and creepy things. Knowing the author is a Tolkien fan, I went in hesitantly. Please no uruk-hai, oh PLEASE. While there are plenty of sword fights, battle wounds, and mythical creatures, I was relieved to find that none of it is overly graphic. I  have no problem letting my 11 year old read this book.

There were a couple of sections where the characters’ relationships weren’t as well-developed and I was left with questions. I don’t know if this is the result of being a first-time author, or if maybe it will all be tied together in the next book. Either way, it wasn’t enough to detract from the overall story.

Tales of the Wovlen: The Dragon’s Son is one of those books that, upon reaching the end, had me saying, “No, it can’t be over already!”. I truly look forward to the next book!!


You can purchase a paperback version for $13.10, or snag the Kindle version for only $3.00! Better grab it now in case it goes up!!

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wovlen disclaimer

{Review} My Christmas Wish List Devotional Prayer Journal for Kids

Girl writing a Christmas letter for Santa

Are you looking for a simple way to focus your child’s mind on what really matters this holiday season? I am so tickled about My Christmas Wish List, a devotional prayer journal created by Heather of Upside Down Homeschooling. The colors, the graphics, the layout … it makes me happy just to look at it!

The 15-day journal is divided into five sections: Obedience, Love, Joy, Charity, and Peace. Each day has scripture to read, a prayer prompt, and a fun activity that involves encouraging or serving others. The daily assignments follow a WISH acronym:

There are extra activities at the end that include copywork, coloring pages and a nativity set to cut out. I consider this journal a gem because most of the devotionals I’ve found for younger ones are either very generic (same type of activity each day just with a different picture & verse), or too complicated for this easily-overwhelmed momma.

my christmas wish sample

My Christmas Wish is on sale for only $2.99 (regularly $7.99)! Such a small price for the opportunity to point your child to Christ all December long.

As a BONUS,  purchases made in November will come with 2 FREE holiday webinars: 9 Stress Busters for the Holidays and The Wonder of God’s Love for Christmas

Are you looking for meaningful Thanksgiving activities? You might also be interested in My Book of Thanks, Heather’s Gratitude Journal for Kids. It is on sale for only $1.99 and comes in a younger & older version.

~*~ Purchase My Christmas Wish Before the Price Goes Up ~*~

As a member of the My Christmas Wish launch team, I received a free copy for the purpose of giving my honest review. I only share products that I think my readers will enjoy and find useful. Thank you for any purchase made through my affiliate link. <3

Maintain Your Weight Through the Holidays with Calorease {Review}

calorease review

October is the start of birthday season in our house – four kids in six weeks. That adds up to lots of decadent cake and dining out. Then comes Thanksgiving with the dressing and the pies. And Christmas? It gets a whole month of delicousness! It is hard to ring in the new year without a couple of extra pounds.

I was recently introduced to Calorease, a dietary supplement to help manage your weight. I am not about to pop a scary pill to lose weight, so I did a little research before agreeing to a Moms Meet review. The active ingredient in Calorease is FBCx. It is a naturally sourced soluble fiber derived from grain, with no genetically modified components. It is stimulant free and gluten free. Calorease does not contain lactose, yeast, wheat, sugar, salt, egg, soy, dairy, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.


Calorease works by binding dietary fat and flushing it out of the body. Taking two tablets with three healthy meals a day makes it possible to lose up to a dress size in a month.

I decided to do a little 3-week experiment and see just how well this product works. For the first two weeks, I took the tablets only when eating foods high in fat. This included birthday meals and an amazing triple brownie cake. For the third week, I took the tablets with one or two meals every day. I made no other changes to my routine (because obviously I would have lost weight had I switched from an occasional walk on the beach to power walking several miles a day!). I must say I was shocked to lose almost three pounds!

I realize that weight lost without any real effort is weight that will eventually show back up, but it is so encouraging to see that scale move! I am excited about trying out Calorease while eating healthy and adding in more exercise. I will definitely continue this supplement through the holiday season and want to leave those extra pounds in 2013!

A 90-count package of Caloraese is $29.99, but I have a coupon for you!!

Use the code 4MOMS and buy it for only $14.99, a 50% discount!

(Calorease is also sold at GNC, but the coupon code is only for the Calorease website)

Follow Calorease on Facebook to get updates on the latest offers!

Your turn: Do you have any tips for maintaining your weight during the holidays?

Would you like to see a follow-up review on this product?

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product  and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC. or the manufacturer of the product.

Review: How To Succeed As An Educational Printables Business

Homeschoolers are typically one-income families. More and more moms are looking for a way to bring in some extra money, and the educational printables business is booming! Having made a few printables myself, I can say that creating them is the easy part. Most of it can be learned through trial & error and a few Google searches. Selling them however? That is easier said than done.

I have the privilege of reviewing How To Succeed As An Educational Printables Business, an ebook written by Jill of Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.


How To Succeed As An Educational Printables Business is a workbook that walks you through the process of what it takes to sell your printables. It is not as simple as creating your pages and finding a market for them. How are you going to deliver your product? Do you need to register your business? What steps are going to protect your copyright? Jill answers all of these questions and more in these chapters:

  • So, You Want To Start An Educational Printables Business…
  • How Will I Start My Business…
  • What Is Your Target Audience…
  • Creating Your Educational Printables…
  • How Will I Get My Items To My Buyers…
  • Price Point – Not Just How Much I Want To Charge…
  • Advertising My Business…
  • Why I Have to Keep Good Records…
  • Tax implications…
  • Are You Having Fun Yet…

Jill has created a successful printables business with her Enchanted Homeschooling Mom Member’s Only Website. She has a heart for helping others get started, and plenty of experience to share. Let her help you avoid some of the obstacles along the way by creating a start-to-finish plan.


You can purchase How To Succeed As An Educational Printables Business for $15 and get started on your new business today!

{I received a free ebook for the purpose of sharing my honest review. No other compensation was given.}

Review & MEGA Giveaway: Philosophy Adventure

This post contains affiliate links. I received a free copy of Philosophy Adventure  for the purpose of giving my honest review.

Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates is a brand new curriculum from Stacy Farrell. I introduced it to you a couple of months ago, and now we have had time to really dig in and see how it works. You are going to love it!

Complete-Set.Med_Before I share my thoughts on this curriculum, let me give you a little glimpse into what I look for when choosing courses for my kids. I don’t want to waste our time with busywork, so mindless worksheets and pointless assignments are out. If the text is so dull that my eyes want to roll back in my head, I am not going to make my kids plow through it. This sometimes proves to be a problem when searching for upper level courses.

That’s not a problem with Philosophy Adventure! The text is engaging, the book is visually stunning, and the assignments are meaty yet broken down into bite-sized sections so my girls don’t feel overwhelmed. Stacy Farrell challenges my kids to stretch their brains with deep thoughts, but she doesn’t just leave them there. She cheers them on to try hard and to always be ready to give an account of what they believe.


Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates introduces us to Eight Famous Philosophers:

  • Thales
  • Pythagorus
  • Xenophanes
  • Heraclitus
  • Parmenides
  • Empedocles
  • Protagorus
  • Democritus

After reading about the life & times of each philosopher, we get to read one of his actual writings. That writing is compared and contrasted with a biblical worldview. Each lesson is divided into three assignments: Write, Think, and Speak


The thing I love most about this curriculum is the ease of use! Each assignment is broken down into very specific tasks, and they are color-coded to match the reading. The digital student book allows my girls to type & print their work. (Because handwriting the answers is soooooo torturous and out-dated, you know. ;))

A breakdown of the Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates set:

  • Reader – Philosopher stories, images, geography, biblical worldview, lessons and assignments
  • Student Workbook – Notebook pages, mapping, writing journal, and the most amazing writing checklists EVER!
  • Teacher Resources – Memory cards, timeline, maps & keys, quiz keys, instructions

Depending on how you choose to use it, Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates offers .25-.5 high school credit in these areas:

  • English Composition
  • World History/Geography
  • Speech/Communications
  • Logic/Critical Thinking

I want to leave you with one last observation. Stacy Farrell, the author, loves Jesus. I have had the privilege of interacting with her over the last few months and she believes what she writes. She has prayed over this study and for the ones who will read it. What a blessing!

Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates comes in four formats:

  • $89.95 Print Reader, Print Student Workbook, Digital Teacher’s Resources on CD
  • $69.95 Print Reader, Digital Student Workbook on CD, Digital Teacher’s Resources on CD
  • $49.95 Digital Reader on CD, Digital Student Workbook on CD, Digital Teacher’s Resources on CD
  • $39.95 Reader Digital Download, Student Workbook Digital Download, Teacher’s resources Digital Download

I recommend the $69.95 option. The readings and assignments are placed opposite each other in the Print Reader, but you will have to line them up yourself with the Digital Reader. View a SAMPLE of the first lesson.

** I have some fantastic coupons code for you if you order by August 7th! **
They are good for any of the Home School Adventure Co. products.

BACK-TO-SCHOOL-10 saves you 10% off any print edition

BACK-TO-SCHOOL-25 saves you 25% of any digital resource

Now check out this AMAZING MEGA Giveaway!



Giveaway is open to US residents and ends August 31st

As part of the Philosophy Adventure Launch Team, I received a copy of Philosophy Adventure in exchange for my honest review and the opportunity to participate in related giveaways and social media promotions. All opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC guidelines.

Philosophy Adventure Giveaway

Philosophy Adventure set

Funny Girl will soon be starting her third year of high school, and it will be Ms. Creativity’s first.

There are so many wonderful curriculum options available these days that we have had a fairly easy time fulfilling graduation requirements. I do have a few blanks to fill in though, one of which is that tricky speech credit. 

When offered the opportunity to help launch Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates from Home School Adventure Co., I decided to first take a peek at the samples on the website. I then raced to fill out the review application!

Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates teaches 6th-12th graders how to write skillfully, think critically, and articulate clearly by studying the history of philosophy and the origins of ideas. They will learn how to cultivate and defend a biblical worldview.

**This is just an intro! I will be doing an in-depth review in August.**

Stacy Farrell, the author, has three goals for this curriculum. There is no question in my mind that she achieved them:


  • This is one of the pretty textbooks I’ve seen. The colorful layout and images are like a mini museum.
  • Each lesson is divided into short sections that are packed with information – just enough to bite off & chew on before moving on to the next idea or assignment.
  • The writing is like sitting at the feet of a storyteller.

Easy to Use

  • Clear pronunciation is given for all of those strange ancient names.
  • Every philosopher has a sidebar listing things like famous works and contemporaries.
  • Assignments are very specific and broken down into baby steps (if needed).


  • This one excites me the most! Stacy Farell has such a gentle way of encouraging excellence from her students, like reminding them to be prayerful about being ready to give an answer, or giving permission to write a “terrible” first draft. Her writing whispers, “You can do it!”.

Philosophy Adventure{Sample Lesson}

There are several formats available:

  • Complete Set with Resources CD ($89.95)
  • Reader with Resources CD ($69.95)
  • Digital Edition of reader & Resources all on CD ($49.95)
  • Digital Download ($39.95)

To celebrate the launch of Philosophy Adventure™–Pre-Socrates, I get to give away a digital download of the Complete Set –>
Reader, Student Workbook, & Teacher Resource!!
{Giveaway is open to anyone and ends Thursday, June 6th}


Want more chances to win? Click the blue guy to visit the rest of the launch team!

“If philosophy is the love of wisdom, then Philosophy Adventure is a course to love for your teen children. This captivating overview of pre-Socratic philosophers not only will help instill a love for knowledge and wisdom in your child’s heart and mind, but even more it will fuel the growing flames of faith and Christian worldview at a critical point in your child’s life.

“What makes this course especially distinctive is its trust in the Christian student—encouraging your child to interact with all knowledge (the history and views of philosophers who have shaped thinking), and then helping them to ‘make a defense…for the hope that is in you’ from Scripture and reason. Thoughtfully-designed writing, thinking, and speaking exercises biblically equip your child to make their beliefs their own. Beautifully-designed interior pages make philosophy both more appealing and easier to learn.

“This is the kind of wholehearted learning that fueled our own family’s love of learning. I heartily recommend this adventure.”

—Clay Clarkson
Whole Heart Ministries
Author of Educating the WholeHearted Child



Big Band and Michael Bublè

michael buble

This post contains my Amazon affiliate link. I only link to things we like & use.
I hope you like them too!

I don’t keep up with music trends these days. I’m too busy being miffed that my beloved 80s music is now on the oldies station!!! The old stuff and Contemporary Christian are what top my chart now. (The REAL oldies, not the stuff I shouldn’t have listened to in high school.)

When offered the chance to review To Be Loved, Michael Bublè’s newest album, I gladly accepted. It is a fun mix of four original songs and ten covers.

I love the old sound of this album! The music is true to the era of each song. One particularly-adorable song has a very retro Reese Witherspoon singing along. (You’re not alone, I didn’t know she could sing either.)

My favorite is “To Love Somebody” .
Here’s a test to see if you were alive during the 70s (or if you are too young, to see if your parents raised you right):

Can you sing these lyrics with the proper dramatic emphasis and pauses?

You don’t know what it’s like, baby


To love somebody

To love somebody

The way I.Love.You.

Did you pass? –>Answer Key  Extra Credit if you made your voice sound funny.

(And yes, I know it technically came out in the late 60s, but I wasn’t alive then.)

Take a look at all of the songs:

1. You Make Me Feel So Young
2. It’s A Beautiful Day (original)
3. To Love Somebody
4. Who’s Lovin You
5. Something Stupid featuring Reese Witherspoon
6. Come Dance With Me
7. Close Your Eyes (original)
8. After All featuring Bryan Adams (original)
9. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You with Naturally 7
10. To Be Loved
11. You’ve Got A Friend In Me
12. Nevertheless (I’m In Love With You) featuring The Puppini Sisters
13. I Got It Easy (original)
14. Young At Heart

You can purchase To Be Loved through Amazon or at your local “record” store.

It is a great album for a summer road trip!!

michael buble

I received a free copy from One2One Network for the purpose of giving my honest review. No other compensation was given.

What’s in the Bible? Review & Coupon Code

I kept seeing ads for the new What’s in the Bible? series, but I didn’t really give it much thought. It was when I started reading rave reviews on trusted blogs that my interest level rose a bit. I jumped at the chance to review Volume1!

What’s in the Bible? is created by Phil Vischer, of Veggie Tales fame. Unlike the silly Veggie Tales stories, this series walks through the Bible and shows how all of the characters fit together into one redemptive story.

Make no mistake, this series is ridiculous..and we loved it!

This is pretty much how it went the night we watched: An odd little character would appear onscreen and sing an odd little song – -we would look at each other with eyebrows raised, saying phrases like “What in the world?” and  “That is so bizarre!” – – then, after a moment of silence, we would burst out laughing!!

All silliness aside, the kids were actually learning something…important things! I even learned a thing or two about church history.

The What’s in the Bible? site has lots of great activities:

Some of the viewpoints on free will didn’t really mesh with what we teach, but we used it as a conversation starter to reinforce what and why we believe.

We liked them so much that I bought the whole series. And since they go along with the free Bible Roadtrip study that we are doing, I can justify the cost as part of our curriculum budget. 😉

Speaking of cost, I have a 20% off coupon code to share with you, with free shipping on orders over $15!

<<Click Here for Coupon Code>>

Have fun learning your Bible!!

I was selected for participation in this review and given the What’s in the bible DVD as a member of The Homeschool Lounge Review Team. All thoughts and opinions are my own.