Now That REALLY Works for Me

A few months ago, I received an email from Kristen of We Are That Family that said some of my WFMW tips were going to be included in the new        That Works For Me! e-book.

To say that I was thrilled would be an understatement! But I will be honest, at the time I wasn’t sure that I would really be interested in buying it.

Now that I have the e-book in my hands on my computer, my opinion has changed drastically! It’s FANTASTIC!!

Consider That Works For Me! your new How-To Manual! I can’t even imagine the time & effort that must have gone into selecting the 800+ tips.

The e-book is broken down 24 categories. It is interactive, so you can click on a tip in the Table of Contents without having to scroll through the whole thing.

And the best part? A portion of the sales will go to Mercy House.

~*~ Save $1 when buying That Works For Me! with the code SAVE1 ~*~

I get to give away an e-book to one of my lovely readers!!!


There are several ways to enter:

Giveaway is closed :-)

  • Leave a comment saying you want to be entered.
  • Join me on Facebook (I post lots of freebies there!)
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{Tell me in a comment what you did – no need to leave one for each!}

Giveaway ends Sunday, April 22nd.

I am honored to have 5 of my WFMW tips included. One of them is Stay-at-Home Hotel. Can you find the other four?

I am also a contributor to WFMW Ebook on Pinterest. Follow along for more great WFMW tips!

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Tips for Planning a Fundraiser Garage Sale

This post contains affiliate links.

I recently helped organize a Benefit Garage Sale and we were blessed to raise $1500!

This was my 4th fundraiser sale and I have learned quite a few things along the way.

{My first one raised a bunch of money, but left me whimpering in a corner.}

Hopefully these tips will help you plan a great sale!

 {Planning Committee}

Divvy up the responsibilities!!

We created a private Facebook Group for the planners, but email or meetings will work fine.

{Choose a Date & Time}

  • Plan at least six weeks out to give people time to gather donations.
  • Saturday only? Friday & Saturday?
  • Don’t pick a holiday weekend. They tend to be slower, and it limits your volunteer availability.
  • Check your city calendar for big events. These can help or hurt you, depending on the location of your sale.
  • Check availability if holding the sale at a church building, community center or school parking lot.

{Choose a Location}

  • @ someone’s home on a busy road
  • @ a church building (indoors or out)
  • @ a community or rec center
  • in the parking lot of a school
  • in the parking lot of a business

{Have a Rain Back-up Plan}

  • choose a second date  OR
  • move it inside

{Sign Up Volunteers}

You will need people to:

  • sort & price donations
  • put out & pick up signs
  • arrive early on sale day to set up
  • work the sale
  • pack up & clean up
  • drop off boxes to be donated

{Collect “Junque”}

  • Ask people to gather unwanted items via word of mouth, email, newsletter, and Facebook.
  • Designate a drop-off location, date(s), and time.
  • Offer to pick up items for the elderly.
  • Have people start collecting plastic grocery bags – bunches!
  • Decide what you are going to do with the leftovers: donate, save for another sale, send home with someone

{Gather Supplies}

  • tape
  • poster board
  • sharpies
  • price tags
  • cleaning wipes
  • safety pins (for clothing sets)
  • storage bags
  • change – plenty of dollar bills & quarters
  • empty boxes

{Sort Donations}

Direct people to a specific area when they are dropping off donations. You don’t want unpriced items getting mixed up with ones already priced.

Make signs and tape them to tables or walls so your volunteers know exactly where to place things after they have been priced.

Suggested categories:

  • Household  appliances, dishes, electronics, gadgets
  • Home Decor  pictures, knick knacks, candles, lamps, plants
  • Seasonal/Holiday
  • Linens  bedding, towels, tablecloths, curtains, pillows
  • Books  adults, kids, educational
  • Toys, Games, Puzzles
  • Baby Stuff
  • Accessories purses, belts, jewelry, hats, bath & body
  • Clothes  men, women, boys 2t & up, girls 2T & up, infants (nb to 24 mos)
  • Shoes  men, women, boys, girls, infants

Toss little toys and odds & ends in a box. Let kids fill up a bag for a quarter (my friend’s great idea). We used a box of inexpensive bread storage bags.


My method is to price it low & let it go!

Make several posters that detail your pricing system.

Use neon stickers to color-code items that are 25 or 50 cents. Orange or green stickers were 25 cents, and pink or yellow stickers were 50 cents. Who wants hand cramps from all that writing?

White stickers are priced-as-marked (for items $1 & up).

Most fundraiser sales will have piles & piles of clothes. Don’t bother pricing them – sell them for $5 a bag! (That is why you need to collect a bunch of grocery bags.) Trust me, you will make way more selling them by the bag!!

If someone only wants 1 or 2, sell them for 50 cents each.

Place the nicer clothes (like coats, formals, or business wear) on hangers and hang a sign saying they are priced-as-marked.

Around lunchtime: lower the clothes to $3 a bag, and either mark some of the more expensive items down or declare everything to be half price.

Don’t want to be left with a bunch of stuff at the end or your sale? About 2 hours before the end of your sale, start selling bags for $5 . Allow people to stuff them with whatever they want. (We even handed out trash bags for the bigger stuff.) You would be surprised how much money you can make off of things that probably weren’t going to sell anyway!


  • let people know why you are raising money
  • spread the word on Facebook or Twitter
  • set up a Facebook event page – add a map
  • advertise on craigslist  **I posted my ad down below if you need ideas
  • put up signs – get a permit if needed
  • grab attention with balloons or streamers
  • have people stand by the street waving signs (very effective if one of them is a cute niece dressed like a clown LOL)

{Sale Day}

  • Start setting up an hour before your opening time.
  • Appoint someone to man the money table – do not leave your cash box alone EVER!
  • Keep paper & pen on hand to help add up purchases.
  • Allow people to bargain, but don’t practically give stuff away first thing in the morning.
  • Have a person or two near the clothes to hand out bags and explain how it works.
  • Tidy up tables throughout the day. Most people don’t want to dig through a jumbled mess.

{Don’t Forget to Eat}

  • Breakfast: buy donuts or have someone bake & bring
  • Lunch: order pizza, brown bag it
  • Cold bottled water
  • Coffee!! Lots & lots of coffee!!! ( We were spoiled with a steamy box of Starbucks- did you know you can buy Starbucks in a box?)
  • Have a dinner plan in place. You will be too tired to cook when you get home.


Check to make sure there are not laws against these in your city.

  • sell cold drinks, candy, or chips
  • bake sale
  • raffle
  • face painting (our teens did a fantastic job!)
  • place a donation jar on the money table

Now sit back, admire your hard work, and give thanks to God for a wonderful day of Fellowship!!

Do you have any tips to add? Share in the comments!

**Our craigslist ad:

We are having a HUGE Benefit Sale on Saturday, March 24th, from 7:00 to 4:00.

The tables are piled high and the donations are still coming!

Here is just a sample of what you will find:

Clothes in all sizes – fill a bag for just $5!
Baby Gear – swings, strollers, bassinet, toys
Home Decor – wall art, frames, lighting, candle holders, baskets, knick knacks
Shoes, Purses, Hats, Belts
Bedding Sets
Vintage Glass & Collectibles
And So Much More!!

Get here early – it is priced to sell!!!

WFMW – Homeschool for FREE

{This week’s WFMW has a Frugal theme!}

It is that time of year …

Catalogs are filling up the mailbox, the conventions are scheduled, and homeschool parents start doing the math.

But homeschooling doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

At least half of our subjects use free resources that I’ve found online.

I store all of the free curriculum that I come across in my handy-dandy        Homeschool for Free eBinder.

The link for this binder is always in the right-hand column —>

There is something FREE! for just about every subject, with new ones being added regularly. And I don’t mean worksheets & craft ideas – I’m talkin’ complete courses.

You could put together an entire year for free if you are determined enough 😉

So tell me, do you use FREE resources in your homeschool?

p.s. I will be going through all of these links in the next few days to make sure they are still working. Please let me know if you find one that doesn’t.

Decluttering with Pinterest

Years ago, I started tearing out ideas from magazines like Family Fun and storing them in binders. I have a terrible memory and having them all in one place served as a visual reminder when each holiday rolled around.

My collection was a lovely one – Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall, Recipes, Birthday Parties – each carefully organized.  And dusty.  o_O

In my quest to simplify our home, I decided that all the binders had to go. Suddenly it dawned on me that most of the crafts, projects, & recipes were probably online!

I now organize all of those wonderful ideas on my beloved Pinterest.

I do a quick search when I have a few minutes, and immediately throw the magazine pages away (lest I have dusty binders AND full Pinterest boards).

How do you make Pinterest work for you?


WFMW – Jewelry Gifts to Make

You still have plenty of time to make some lovely Christmas gifts!

All of these were found on the always-entertaining Pinterest.

{Bird Nest Necklace}

{Butterfly Paper Clip Bracelet}

{Paper Clip Earrings}

{Enamel Pine Cone Pins}

{Sterling Silver Spoon Ring}

{Baked Marble Necklaces}

{Shrinky Dink Rings}

{Button Bracelets}

{Fabric Scrap Necklace}

Are you making any gifts this year?

Run on over to We Are That Family for some great tips!

WFMW – Be an Angel

I’m sure most of you have heard of Elf on the Shelf. It is adorable and looks like so much fun!

I’ve thought about joining in the fun, & even looked for an inexpensive elf when I was out shopping.

One thing kept holding me back though –> I don’t want to encourage my children to delight in naughty behavior. While all in good fun, it is just not compatible with Jesus as the center of our holiday.

I put my thinking cap on & came up with Be an Angel.

We already had the angel bear in the pic, but you could also use an angel ornament or print one out.

It will make a debut tomorrow morning in our December Advent Countdown Box.

The rules are simple: Secretly do something nice for a member of the family & leave the angel bear behind.

That person could then do the next nice thing & leave it, but I have a feeling that in our family there will be some sneaking around & snatching of the bear in a race to serve each other. Exciting is always better, right?  ; )

I plan on incorporating some of the silliness of Elf on the Shelf (like making snow angels in the sugar, or a cotton snowball fight), but hopefully our angel will be a little more well-behaved.

There are tons of angel ideas on Pinterest if you want to make your own.

Update: I am curious – is the phrase “Be an angel …” used in other parts of the country, or is it a Southern (or Texan!) thing? Example: Be an angel and hand me those chocolate cranberries before you rub yummy cake-scented lotion on my feet. : D  Chime in!

Run on over to We Are That Family for tons of great ideas!

Btw, I’ve had this idea brewing for a couple of months now, but just last night I cam across The Christmas Angel. I don’t know if it is the same idea, but you might check into it if you want to purchase a set. (not affiliated)

WFMW – Be a Coupon Fairy

I went to the store to buy laundry detergent this morning, and there on the shelf was a high dollar coupon. Someone had been playing Coupon Fairy!

Many of us are feeling the economic crunch during this giving season. It doesn’t cost anything but a few seconds of your time to be a Coupon Fairy.

Here are some simple Coupon Fairy tips:

  • leave coupons on the shelf next to the product
  • pin coupons to a community bulletin board
  • leave behind Catalinas that you won’t use (Catalinas are the long coupons that sometimes print out at the register)
  • not a couponer? give your inserts to a neighbor/co-worker/friend/relative/church member
  • pass along special one-time-use codes for online websites – you could give away through Facebook or your blog

Have you ever been a Coupon Fairy? Add your tips in the comments!

Run on over to We Are That Family for some great tips!

WFMW – Free Fall eCookbooks

Isn’t yummy food one of the best things about Fall?

Kick off the season with these free eCookbooks!

{these eCookbooks were free when posted, but always double-check!}

Betty Crocker Soups, Stews & Chilies

Mr. Food Fall Favorites

Gooseberry Patch Pumpkin Cookbook (Kindle-limited time)

Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorites

Smart School Time Recipes   (Kindle -limited time)

What recipe do you pull out when cooler weather arrives?

Run on over to We Are That Family for tons of great tips!

WFMW – Battle a Stomach Bug

My supposed week of reviews & giveaways somehow morphed into That Didn’t Turn Out Quite How I Intended It!

We got hit with a stomach bug. We don’t tend to pass around most viruses, but a stomach virus can wreak havoc on a big family.

This time around, only three* of us out of seven got sick. We did the usually Lysol/hand sanitizer routine, but there was one new weapon that I think must have helped.

About this time last year, I received some samples from BioGaia that included these digestive health tablets. We didn’t have a need for them last year (thank you God!), so I tucked them away in the medicine cabinet.

I pulled them out this past week when I went on the warpath against our unwanted visitor. Everyone got a tablet a day.

Let me tell you that I can’t stand the chalkiness of chewable tablets {{shudder}}.  These were really good and tasted like lemonade, with no chalk at all!!

They also come in a flavorless drinking straw and drops (I tried both of these last year).

You can purchase by phone, online, or interestingly enough with a form that you print out & take to your pharmacy. They can order it for you if they don’t carry it.

And according to this site, BOOST Kid Essentials by Nestle has a BioGaia Probiotic Straw. I couldn’t find any info on the Kid Essentials website about that, but it might be something to check into.

Even though I got sick*, it was only half a day. And that works for me!!

Run on over to We Are That Family for tons of great tips!

*We should have probably only had one sickie. Sassyfrass came down with it first, and then Stinkpot Sweetpea got it when she stole sick girl’s Capri Sun after she had finished her own. I got sick from holding an ailing Stinkpot Sweetpea and, well . . . you get the picture.

~I am not affiliated with BioGaia.~


WFMW – Candy Corn Snack Mix

Want a quick & easy treat to serve at your next party?

Mix candy corn and salted cocktail peanuts – it tastes like a Payday candy bar!!

Run on over to We Are That Family for tons of great tips!