Free Writing Guides

free writing guides

I was thrilled to discover the fantastic writing guides at Teaching That Makes Sense.

Look closely, the downloads are listed on the left.

Some of my favorites:

~Writing Strategy Guide – my older kids will be working their way through this attention-grabbing workbook

~ Prompted Writing – starting on page 25, there is a Glossary of Prompts and 1-a-page printable prompts

~ Learning Across the Curriculum – almost 200 pages of ideas on combining writing skills with other subjects

~ Practical Punctuation – handy little guide that I am printing out for everyone to put in their notebooks

~What is Good Writing? – more handy info

~Learning Patterns – writing and reading patterns – I think we might have a weekly writer’s workshop to go over some of these things (maybe I will model on the whiteboard?)

~Read Like a Reader, Read Like a Writer –  great exercises for learning to look at a piece of writing through both the eyes of a reader and a writer

~An Introduction to the Writing Process – teaching the writing process and instructions for setting up a writer’s workshop notebook

~Assessing Writing – know what to look for when correcting your child’s writing

Which ones will you be using?


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